Traveling, Anybody?

So, I read an article on early this morning about traveling by yourself if you’re single.  I love to travel, and now that I have a better car, I would love to head out a bit more and explore cities somewhat nearby.  I tend to be pretty bold and daring, so a city with a dangerous reputation doesn’t frighten me…I’ve lived overseas and been in some pretty risky cities: you have to develop some mad skills to get around safely.  Yes, I said mad skills.

If I’m living near Cincy, OH, right now…what are some places that you would recommend?  Maybe stay at a B&B?  Anything in particular you think I should see in said city?  I’m willing to travel around in a two state radius by myself and by car. (although I dearly love flying).  Oh, and maybe I could come visit some of you! 🙂

Thanks for your input!

2 thoughts on “Traveling, Anybody?

  1. I know!  I was thinking about coming to the Really Amazing Church Music Conference…or whatever the name is…in Waco in September.  Are you nearby there?  I might still go to that, but I’m not certain.  I think I’ll want to get out of the area by September! 🙂

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