Complete Poems

I have my poems scattered throughout the blog, but I’d like to have a complete list for anyone remotely curious.  I had one on my website (oh, that was a beauty), but then Geocities went to Yahoo and then Yahoo closed it down without telling me.  I also had this really great online dictionary filled with characters from Greek Mythology. Precursor to Wikipedia, heck yes. So, I’m going to try and duplicate it here for ya.  You can still go through the Topics and browse the poems by genre on the right-hand side.  Anywho, here ya go!

FYI – This is a complete list of the poems that I have posted on this blog.  If you’d like me to add more, let me know in a comment! 🙂


A Christmas Song ; A Glimpse of Romance ; A Lightning Bug Hunt ( Leo & Rachel Collection) ; Accusation of Snow ; An Adventure of Ginger the Cow ; Anticipation ; Are You Alone?

Babel, O Babble ; Beautiful Feet ; Black Bag and a Coat of Brown ; Blasney ; Breathe ; Bring Me Back to You ; Bring Us Together Again ; Broken Body

Cold Winter 1-3 ; Cold Winter 4 ; Cold Winter 5 ; Cold Winter 6 ; Cold Winter 7 ; Cold Winter 8 ; Contentment ; Cowboys & Injuns ; Crystal Tears

Dandelion ; Dive ; Dreams in Church

Emerging ; Eyes

Faded Glory ; Failing at Words ; For Achilles: The Restless Warrior ; For Dr. Terrell ; For Katie


Hallelujah/How Could It Be? ; He First Loved Me ; Horses of the Apocalypse

I Remember ; In Her Eyes ; It’s Not What’s in Me

Just For One Day ; Just You and Me


Leo and Rachel’s Shoe (Leo & Rachel Collection) ; Light in the Father ; Little Lightning Bug ; Loneliness ; Loneliness Vs. Truth

Mr. Teddy ; Muktinath, Nepal ; Musings of a Romance ; My Macedonia ; My Neverland ; My Place ; My Son I Send You ; My Trees


October Dawn ; Ode to Spell Check ; Outburst

Petal By Petal ; Presence in a Storm

Spring Expects Growth ; Start of Autumn

The Best in Worship ; The Heavy Moon ; The Moon-Cloud ; The Moon, My Heart ; The Oak and the Cardinal ; The Scalding ; The Something Hidden ; The Words ; Thoughts on a Fall Day ; Tick Tock ; Time = Clarity?

Watching the Air ; Window of a Morning

Your Grace is Sufficient

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