Poem: Musings of a Romance

December 28th, 2006

I was meant to be a lover,

If only to watch others forge trails through another’s heart.

My own heart leaps at a tale of romance –

One steadily sought by an unabashed suitor –

Denial, realization, and acceptance after humility.

I’ve tried to project myself into these witting trifles

But I feel as though they don’t fit properly;

Like a square peg in a rounded hole.

Perhaps my tale will wax as a trapezoid

With more bends and angles and darts.

I’ve already seen the path grow dusty,

Rained upon and heavily trampled. 

Yet, there still remains a part of the road

Unlaid and untraveled, a solid frontier,

Where one will gently walk with me.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Blasney

May 12th, 2006

This mind has been wasted.
Wasted by the meaningless words
Strung together with a melody.
These claim poetry but have no passion.
Oh for the days when the words would come –
When a phrase came as easy as breathing.
When my feelings could speak by themselves
And were not weighed down with stress
And longing for…anything.
But now activities choke the life from my mouth.
My mind is frazzled with deadlines
And what-ifs.
And I play with my heart –
Tossing it here and there,
Wondering if the one I’m tossing it to
Is as in love with me, or
If I’m just playing a game…
He looks like a good catch.
And now, with an alarm, another day
Begins and will end before it starts.

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Petal By Petal

This poem is a special piece for me.  I wrote this after walking through a field of wildflowers.  It was sweet.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Queen Anne’s Lace.  I think I’ve shared it before, but the myth goes something like this:

Queen Anne was a beautiful young lady and could sew lovely lace.  The fairies loved her because she was gentle to all the creatures of the forest and loved flowers so much.  She was sewing a particularly elaborate piece of lace when she pricked her finger with the needle.  A single drop of blood fell into the center of the lace, ruining it.  The fairies decided to honor her by making a beautiful white flower to grow wild in the forest.  This flower looks like lace on the top and has deep red petals in the center.

I wrote this poem to illustrate my romantic relationships.  It’s based on the childhood game of pulling a petal off and saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.”  The white petals show all the guys that have taken an interest in me or who I have given myheart to for a season.  Finally, the red petals represent the ultimate love for us all, the love of Jesus Christ.  I hope you enjoy the poem!  Thanks!

February 15th, 2006

Like yesterday, the dream goes by
As soft as white dandelion flowers
Filling a green and yellow field.
The haze of late afternoon weighs my eyes
And I’m lost in the million thoughts.

Queen Anne sits on her mighty throne
And I cut it down to my size and
Gaze at each tiny petal, the mini-flowers.

A childhood game comes to mind.
I sit – I rest – with my knees in the air,
Feet firmly planted.
“He loves me. He loves me not.”
Over and over, repeating my plan.
“He loves me. He loves me not.”

Not anyone in mind, but a flutter in my heart.
Each petal drops with his intent.
My mind blurs in the midst of the white
Reminisce of years gone by and
Love at the doorstep.
One drops yes. Another drops no.
How easily they change their mind.
A dainty pile growing below of disenchanted,
Disengaged, disinterested beaus in white tuxedos.

At last two remain.
Yes, and red.
Red to what can it mean?
Only blood so pure in love divine.

Sarah ><>

Poem: A Glimpse of Romance

Here’s one of my cheesy poems.  It is based on a sonnet by Shakespeare…Sonnet XLIII (43).  But my poem is an expectant poem, at best.  Enjoy! (Oh, read to the punctuation…it will help you in understanding it.)


My beating heart.
It beats twice to each breath.
It quickens at just one thought that rings through my mind.
The thought is electrifying,
Passing through each part of my body and makes me cold.
Oh how I long to see him,
The one who walks in my dreams to meet me.
With baited breath I wait for him,
As one waits to see the ocean a first time.
She doesn’t know the waves and sounds,
Or how the sunlight dances on the waters.
She only knows it is something that her heart yearns for
Even if the sight is in passing;
It is something she must lay her eyes on.
Yes, the eyes which sparkle with as many stars as her own,
Reflecting the lights of midnight in the sky.
Van Gogh has naught to compare with their brilliance.
She knows that in his heart is a dream
As vibrant as the one planted in hers.
This dream surrounds her in his thoughts and consumes him
To a point where he dare not try to escape.
To leave would mean certain death in his mind –
Death to his heart, his life, and the dream luminous in his eyes.
Without her in his life, he would be dead to the world
And any passion that life could bring would shadow
In the dark that her leaving would bring him.
I know he’ll be here, even if I only meet him in my dreams.
For a dream makes my night brighter than the day
When he is with me.

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Loneliness Vs. Truth

November 30th, 2005

I don’t know why
Every time Christmas rolls around
Why I’m reminded of a solitude
Which habitually hangs over me.
Of all things to think about
It’s my least favorite.
Give me anything else,
Even natural disasters, and I’ll be fine.
This feeling is not just my own,
But shared by the whole of humanity.
A nagging feeling inside that
Whatever the circumstance, situation,
We are alone.
Yet, I know I’m not alone!
This pain that creeps into my heart each winter
Is not brought by Truth.
It is an attempt to supplant my hope.
It is a tactic by one who terrorizes the night
Who seeks to take our focus off of
The One Who is forever with us
And put it on us,
Sinners stuck in a sinful world.
This is loneliness, but it is not Truth.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Just For One Day

This poem was also a challenge given by the poet’s community.  The challenge was to write a poem about what we would want to do if we had one day to do anything.  The format was not set, just the theme.  I had many things I would like to do…so I put them all in here:

Just For One Day

July 23rd, 2005

Just for one day, I could dream many things.
What would I give a whole day for?
Is there anything I desire so much for?

Yes. Just for one day, I’d like to rest
In the arms of a man who loves me.

Just for one day, I’d like to know
That all my waiting hasn’t been for nothing.

Just for one day I’d like to fly so high
I swear I could never fall down.

Just for one day, if I did come down,
There’d be someone there to catch me.

Just for one day, I’d like to know
That true love really does exist.

Just for one day I’d like to be
All that God wants me to be.

Just for one day, I’d like to be strong enough
To climb the highest mountain.

Just for one day, I’d like to love completely
Without any strings attached inside.

Just for one day, I could dream many things.
What wouldn’t I give for a whole day
For anything I so much desire?

 – Sarah ><>

PS.  I wrote a new poem last night!  First on in about 5 months!  🙂  Maybe it’s coming back!  🙂

Poem: Eyes

July 18th, 2005

I can’t lie and say I haven’t tried
To imagine a look from your eyes.
And this candle burning next to me,
The light flickers and I am wondering…
Is that the flame or your thoughts
Dancing there. Maybe both, but
How will I know? I could sit and
Think and imagine,
But that’s all it would be,
And what a danger it is to settle
Your thoughts on eyes you’ll never see.

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: The Moon, My Heart

The moon is a frequent subject of my poetry, and I’m not ashamed of it.  I don’t worship the moon.  Instead, it is simply a reminder to me of God’s love.  It is His instrument of wooing to me.  Much like a sunset, or thunderstorm, or cloud shadows….yep, those are beautiful instruments.  Nothing in themselves, but to know that they are a gift from my Maker, the One who loves the very deepest part of me…that makes them special.

This is not a Christian poem…so don’t look for the spiritual meaning in it.  It is a contemplation of my romantic state.  It’s a reflection of my desire for honesty and realness.  So, there you go!

July 16th, 2005

I saw the moon hanging in the sky tonight,
And I think it was my heart there.
No stars were shining to keep it company,
Only itself, big, white, untouched…
Untouched only by a real love,
But left cold and hidden by the clouds,
The many romances which gently called to it,
Called its light down in a soft glow.
But once that light was seen,
The caller shouted it back to the day,
Or simply ignored it.
My heart, this object floating –
Floating like a silver dollar, light enough
To be blown away with the wind –
It hangs there, waiting for someone to look,
Waiting for someone to fall in love
With the light.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Breathe

September 7th, 2004

Caught off guard
By the glory of it all
Breath caught in my throat
By the beauty of it all
Could I ever have imagined
That it could be like this?
Such a peace and excitement
Thrown in together
Understanding and wonder
Jumbled in together
I’m so glad I waited
Just for you.
Our hearts were drawn together
By the One, our Lover, Maker
And now they’ve been
Made into one.
I can’t hardly breathe
Yet there is a strength inside me
A happiness
That I can’t describe.

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Bring Me Back to You

January 15, 2004

My eyes wander
My heart wanders
My thoughts wander

Bring me back to You, Lord
Bring me back to You.

I see him there
He knows what to say
He knows how to act
He knows how to pray

Bring me back to You, Lord
Bring me back to You

Could he be “the one”
Could this be true?
My heart feels a tugging
Am I sure this is You?

Bring me back to You, Lord
Bring me back to You

I dream of us together
I plan out our lives
We haven’t even spoke it
My thoughts I fight to hide

Could this be You, Lord?
Bring me back to You

 – Sarah ><>