Poem: The Moon, My Heart

The moon is a frequent subject of my poetry, and I’m not ashamed of it.  I don’t worship the moon.  Instead, it is simply a reminder to me of God’s love.  It is His instrument of wooing to me.  Much like a sunset, or thunderstorm, or cloud shadows….yep, those are beautiful instruments.  Nothing in themselves, but to know that they are a gift from my Maker, the One who loves the very deepest part of me…that makes them special.

This is not a Christian poem…so don’t look for the spiritual meaning in it.  It is a contemplation of my romantic state.  It’s a reflection of my desire for honesty and realness.  So, there you go!

July 16th, 2005

I saw the moon hanging in the sky tonight,
And I think it was my heart there.
No stars were shining to keep it company,
Only itself, big, white, untouched…
Untouched only by a real love,
But left cold and hidden by the clouds,
The many romances which gently called to it,
Called its light down in a soft glow.
But once that light was seen,
The caller shouted it back to the day,
Or simply ignored it.
My heart, this object floating –
Floating like a silver dollar, light enough
To be blown away with the wind –
It hangs there, waiting for someone to look,
Waiting for someone to fall in love
With the light.

Sarah ><>

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