Poem: A Glimpse of Romance

Here’s one of my cheesy poems.  It is based on a sonnet by Shakespeare…Sonnet XLIII (43).  But my poem is an expectant poem, at best.  Enjoy! (Oh, read to the punctuation…it will help you in understanding it.)


My beating heart.
It beats twice to each breath.
It quickens at just one thought that rings through my mind.
The thought is electrifying,
Passing through each part of my body and makes me cold.
Oh how I long to see him,
The one who walks in my dreams to meet me.
With baited breath I wait for him,
As one waits to see the ocean a first time.
She doesn’t know the waves and sounds,
Or how the sunlight dances on the waters.
She only knows it is something that her heart yearns for
Even if the sight is in passing;
It is something she must lay her eyes on.
Yes, the eyes which sparkle with as many stars as her own,
Reflecting the lights of midnight in the sky.
Van Gogh has naught to compare with their brilliance.
She knows that in his heart is a dream
As vibrant as the one planted in hers.
This dream surrounds her in his thoughts and consumes him
To a point where he dare not try to escape.
To leave would mean certain death in his mind –
Death to his heart, his life, and the dream luminous in his eyes.
Without her in his life, he would be dead to the world
And any passion that life could bring would shadow
In the dark that her leaving would bring him.
I know he’ll be here, even if I only meet him in my dreams.
For a dream makes my night brighter than the day
When he is with me.

 – Sarah ><>

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