Poem: Loneliness Vs. Truth

November 30th, 2005

I don’t know why
Every time Christmas rolls around
Why I’m reminded of a solitude
Which habitually hangs over me.
Of all things to think about
It’s my least favorite.
Give me anything else,
Even natural disasters, and I’ll be fine.
This feeling is not just my own,
But shared by the whole of humanity.
A nagging feeling inside that
Whatever the circumstance, situation,
We are alone.
Yet, I know I’m not alone!
This pain that creeps into my heart each winter
Is not brought by Truth.
It is an attempt to supplant my hope.
It is a tactic by one who terrorizes the night
Who seeks to take our focus off of
The One Who is forever with us
And put it on us,
Sinners stuck in a sinful world.
This is loneliness, but it is not Truth.

Sarah ><>

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