Poem: I Remember

So, a couple of years ago, my college group was sitting down for its Bible Study on September 11th.  I forget which day of the week it was…seems like Sunday…and earlier that week, I had printed out a list of all the guys from Ohio who had been killed in the war.  We sat and read through each name and then had a moment of silence.  It was really moving…at least for me.  And then I wrote another poem…per norm.  Here it is:

I Remember

September 11th, 2005

I remember how it felt –
The disbelief, the awe –
With the smoke pouring out
Of the tall, strong towers.

I remember the fear
That crawled onto everyone’s face,
How the hair began to stand
And sleep failed to come.

I remember the hatred
That filled many walls,
Even those with Your Name
Plastered and painted in gold.

I remember the sorrow
As the many died
And our boys put on uniforms
Fighting for us abroad.

I remember the looks
On faces, first stunned,
Then numbed and
Then, forgetting their purpose.

I remember it all
And I shudder at
How quickly we all fall
And forget our despair.

 – Sarah ><>

Have YOU forgotten?

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