Poem: A Lightning Bug Hunt

(Rachel & Leo Collection)

Aug 15, 2005

The sky was starting to slowly get dark
As Rachel and Leo dashed to the park.
Their mission was simple, their plan complete.
Catching lightning bugs was what they’d compete.

With her jar in hand, Rachel skipped about
And Leo decided a different route.
As he crept so quietly into the trees,
The lightning bugs there were ready to please.

The bugs in the trees were blinking a storm,
And in Leo’s mind a plan began to form.
He would climb to the top and catch them all!
But if he fell, it would be a great fall.

He climbed up one branch, and then another
His tail wrapped around the jar of Rachel’s mother.
“I won’t fall at all! I won’t! I won’t!”
Then Rachel ran up and said, “Oh, Weo! Don’t!”

“I reawwy think the wightning bugs are nice
And awready I’ve caught them twice!
But in their home is where they shouwd be found.
I wike them fwying and bwinking around.”

So Leo began to climb slowly down,
And he and Rachel turned back towards town.
Tomorrow another plan they would make
While sitting in the reeds by the lake.

Sarah ><>

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