Poem: Ode to Spell Check and some similes

August 2nd, 2005

I have a friend who lives in my computer
He’s a sweet little fellow
Though he’s rarely mellow.

You may wonder why I like him so much.
What is all the hype
I’m making when I type?

The written word is my favorite thing.
See, spell check is his name
And proof reading’s his game.

If I make a mistake, which tends to be often
He’s as quick as a flash
With his spell checking lash.

A red squiggly line is his mark of the trade
Under my misspelled terms
Wiggling like tiny worms.

Ah, Mr Spell Check. Thank you, so, so much!
My English is better
So I close this letter.

A Series of Similes for Spell Check

Spell Check is like magic…
Your error once was there, but poof! now it’s gone!

Spell Check is like a dog…
When you drop your food, it cleans up the mess.

Spell Check is like a man…
He thinks he knows what you’re saying, but once again is wrong.

Sarah ><>

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