Poem: An Adventure of Ginger the Cow

July 30th, 2005

Ginger awoke to a bright new day.
She was so excited to get out and play.
“And what would she do?” you may say.
Ginger would go out and play in the hay.

The farmer came out and was ready to plow.
Ginger wanted to go out, to go out right now.
But first the farmer must feed the sow,
And then he’d be sure to let out the cow.

With the gate opened wide, Ginger went to the pasture,
But she didn’t hear the call of her master.
So glad to be free, she ran faster and faster.
She didn’t know she would head for disaster.

The longer she played, the later it got
And very soon the day became hot.
So, she laid herself down by a tree with a knot
And where she was lying, she quickly forgot!

Suddenly, Ginger woke up with a fright.
She looked around and saw it was night!
She knew in her heart that this wasn’t right
So she jumped to her feet and then took flight.

The only light Ginger had was the moon.
She only wanted to get back home soon.
She saw the eyes of a sneaky raccoon,
And she heard an owl hooting his tune.

At last, she saw a light far ahead.
To the light of the barn was where she was led.
The farmer came out and showed Ginger her bed
He wasn’t angry, but pet her instead.

The point of this story is simple and true.
Listen closely and don’t miss the cue.
It’s fun to get out and play like you do,
But please stay near home and your parents too!

 – Sarah ><>

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