Poem: Beautiful Feet

July 25th, 2005

I’ve looked at the mountains many times
And been captivated by their beauty.
They stand majestic over all of creation,
Looking down, casting a shadow on the land.

My heart’s dream would be to climb
And hang on the very top, shouting out –
Shouting out God’s glory and praise to the world.
No doubt my feet would be dirty and pained,

But You’ve called them beautiful! These feet,
They’ve carried me halfway around the world for You.
They’ve walked through mud, dirt, filth, water,
Anything You’ve placed before them.

But the Message empowers the body
And any pain I feel is only the aching in my heart
Of wanting to climb that grandiose mountain.
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Faded Glory

May 26th, 2005

This place which You created,
The earth I call my home,
Is a beautiful workmanship
That calls me out to roam.

Every eyeful I receive
Brings my thoughts closer to You,
But it’s all a faded glory
You’ve told me this is true.

No matter where I go
I see it and I know,
There’s something greater set apart
For this race of man, dull of heart.
I hear it in my ears,
And I feel it in my tears,
Both we and earth were made for more
and so this heart of mine implores,

Take me to the place
Where Your glory’s clearly seen
Where my heart is just as rest –
Yes, I know I’ve never been

But it’s right where You are
And my heart won’t hold the scars
Of the brokenness I felt
When I left You and fell.

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: In Her Eyes

This piece was written in response to the 2004 tsunami.  I think I’ve explained this poem before, but since I’m going through all my work, I better go through this one as well.  I didn’t really have a particular person in mind, except for a small Indian girl.  In my mind’s eyes, she was standing amidst rubble and refuse that had been brought up by the floodwaters.  The look of sadness has permeated every part of her, but especially her face and her eyes.  The eyes of a child that young should never be sad, and she has experienced some of the deepest sadness in the world.  I don’t know if she lost someone who she loved, but more than likely she did.  If anything, she is torn apart by the sadness surrounding her.  Here’s the poem.

January 18th, 2005

In Response to December 24th, 2004

My Child, why are your eyes
So sad and low?
The water flowed and washed
All your joy away.Once deep and tranquil,
Two drops of love
In a sea of brown,
Now murky and red.Where have all your tears gone?
Back to the sea
Inside your heart where they
Stay behind the wall.Grow, my dear, to smile again
And laugh with glee;
Dance beside a gentle sea rocking
Now calm and serene. – Sarah ><>

Poem: Babel, O Babble

January 10th, 2005

The sounds of mine
Humble me to the ground
Making me beg for patience and compassion
The many tongues utter mutual nonsense
How did we ever get this way?

The voices in unison
Oneness of thought
Brought Man to his proudest moment and vanity
Toppled by Your might and power
Why did You do it this way?

Now pleading a case
Ears deaf to words
The sounds fail to communicate
Hearts are hardened to the coal-covered diamonds
Will You provide the way?

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: A Christmas Song

December 5th, 2004

My Savior as a baby
I think on this tonight
A child so filled with wonder
A mother with delight

     How could it be
     This King of mine
Would leave His lofty throne?
     And come to us
     And dwell with us
His glory to be shown

My rescue in a cradle
Made soft by cloth and hay
And sung to by the cattle
A stable’s glad array

     What song to sing
     Oh Precious King
The world awaits to hear
     A treasure now
     And all shall bow
For glory has come near.

by Sarah ><>

Poem: Dive

October 25th, 2004

Looking at this pool
So deep and so broad
Yeah, the waves look rough
And the bottom so far,
But a glimmer and shine
Sparks a light in my eyes
My heart skips a beat
But I sit back and sigh

I can sit at the edge
Throwing my feet in
The foam tickles my ankles
And beckons me in
But just when I feel
It’s time to begin
You’re pulling me back
From the waves once again

Oh why can’t You let me dive?
Why can’t I run and try to reach for the sky?
Why can’t I just fly?
I know it’s Your heart
I know Your command
But why not now, Papa,
Why can’t I dive?

I can see the field
Parts white as snow
No one is gathering
So I grab my bag to go
But a wall comes between me
And the wheat sitting there
So I toss it back down
And watch the wind blow

Oh why can’t You let me dive?
Why can’t I run and try to reach for the sky?
Why can’t I just fly?
I know it’s Your heart
I know Your command
But why not now, Papa,
Why can’t I dive?

I just want to serve You
I just want to go
Though You hold me back now
Someday, it’s Your plan
You’ve got it much better
Than I comprehend
And yes, Lord, I’m anxious
But with You, I’ll stand

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Bring Us Together Again

August 13th, 2004

It’s so sad
To be leaving these faces
They were my home
For such a long time
A piece of their heart
Has filled in the space that’s left
From the piece that they took
To call their own

Papa, You are in control of all
And Your hand directs both hearts and time
So if Your heart is willing
Bring us together once again

It might not be soon
Or even this lifetime
When their faces I’ll see
Coming near
If You’d have it be
In heaven I’ll greet them
And Your glory we’ll see
With hand in hand

 – Sarah ><>