Poem: Faded Glory

May 26th, 2005

This place which You created,
The earth I call my home,
Is a beautiful workmanship
That calls me out to roam.

Every eyeful I receive
Brings my thoughts closer to You,
But it’s all a faded glory
You’ve told me this is true.

No matter where I go
I see it and I know,
There’s something greater set apart
For this race of man, dull of heart.
I hear it in my ears,
And I feel it in my tears,
Both we and earth were made for more
and so this heart of mine implores,

Take me to the place
Where Your glory’s clearly seen
Where my heart is just as rest –
Yes, I know I’ve never been

But it’s right where You are
And my heart won’t hold the scars
Of the brokenness I felt
When I left You and fell.

 – Sarah ><>

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