Poem: It’s Not What’s In Me

Yes, I did write this shortly after Valentine’s Day…and I don’t think it has any significance.  This is another result of a really humbling experience…I’m not sure what it was, but I remember it being very humbling, and I was just taken away with how little God needs us.  YET, He has grace and mercy to consider us…that is our blessing.  He loves us.

February 17, 2003

Humanistic efforts
Fall short in Your mercy
Glory and grace
It’s not what’s in me
Mediocre collections of a meager ability
By Your grace, You make it complete
Finish the work that only You could start
These trappings in my heart
Crumble in Your holiness
It’s not what’s in me
Or what I can do
A chasing after the sun
Sinking in a fountain of blue
Open ears, open hearts
Drinking the Light I simply bring
It’s not what’s in me
Only what You gave
You give it to others
With or without me.

 – Sarah ><>