Poem: In Her Eyes

This piece was written in response to the 2004 tsunami.  I think I’ve explained this poem before, but since I’m going through all my work, I better go through this one as well.  I didn’t really have a particular person in mind, except for a small Indian girl.  In my mind’s eyes, she was standing amidst rubble and refuse that had been brought up by the floodwaters.  The look of sadness has permeated every part of her, but especially her face and her eyes.  The eyes of a child that young should never be sad, and she has experienced some of the deepest sadness in the world.  I don’t know if she lost someone who she loved, but more than likely she did.  If anything, she is torn apart by the sadness surrounding her.  Here’s the poem.

January 18th, 2005

In Response to December 24th, 2004

My Child, why are your eyes
So sad and low?
The water flowed and washed
All your joy away.Once deep and tranquil,
Two drops of love
In a sea of brown,
Now murky and red.Where have all your tears gone?
Back to the sea
Inside your heart where they
Stay behind the wall.Grow, my dear, to smile again
And laugh with glee;
Dance beside a gentle sea rocking
Now calm and serene. – Sarah ><>

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