On My Birthday, 2010

Here are some things to note about my birthday this year:

First off, kudos to me for sharing a birthday with Burl Ives and Harriet Beecher Stowe (love Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she and I were/are kindred spirits.  I look forward to meeting her one day!)  Ok, I know I didn’t have much to do with when I was born, but I’m having a great time today. 
Others of note:  Donald Trump, Sam Wanamaker, Boy George, John F MacArthur, and Yasmine Bleeth. 
Oh, also, it’s Flag Day!…and Family Day, according to Holidays.net.  Oh, and they’re celebrating the Queen’s birthday today in Australia, but not in Western Australia…go figure.

I remembered that I was born on a Thursday and wanted to find that song, you know, “Monday’s child is fair of face…”  Well, Thursday’s child has far to go (maybe that’s why I love to travel so much).  But when I typed in “Thursday’s Child” into wikipedia, there came up a song by that title by DAVID BOWIE of all people!  For those who do not know, I have a semi-neurotic obsession with The Bowie.  He’s amazing.  I’m sure he was doing something incredible on my birthday.  I would love for him to be saved so that I could be sure to hang out with him in the future.  Alas…and the lyrics are amazing!


Second, I have had: 

38 comments on my FB (as of 1:30p), make that 39

1 Birthday package (from Tokyo, no less!)

5 Birthday phone calls (one from Tennessee and another from Australia and yet another from my Togolese friend)

one box of assorted doughnuts (from the boss, yeah!)

Two birthday cards with money (thanks grandparents!)

Three birthday cards with two gift cards, accompanied by three visitors at my workin place (Thanks Dad, Bronlyn, and Jason!!)

A few birthday texts, I can’t remember all of them, and for some reason, they’re harder for me to track.

Dinner with my momma at Chili’s

And apparently someone sent me flowers, but I have yet to find out 🙂

Oh!  And God gave me a rainbow!!!!!! 🙂


Third, a few things have happened in the world:

Jimmy Dean died…yum.  (not yum that he died, but yum, sausage) Oh, that was yesterday…alas.

Wikipedia has just informed me that it was on this day, 3 years ago (has it really been that long), Ruth Graham died.  She was an amazing woman.

The Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill continues to grow and devastate

Riots and violence flood over Kyrgyzstan

South Africa hosts the FIFA World Cup (Japan wins over Cameroon!! And Italy at least tied with Paraguay!!)

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton announces the 2010 10th Annual Trafficking in Persons Report.


*sings* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, born I was….

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