This Thursday Was Better

So, last Thursday was my day of infamy…where I felt harrassed at every corner by people who didn’t care that I couldn’t speak Japanese, but ended with a nice punctuation mark of bats in the moonlight, darting around catching mosquitoes. 

  This Thursday was quite different.  I talked with my eldest sister through Skype and checked in on my uncle Tom…things are completely out of the hands of the doctors…there is nothing at all they can do except make him comfortable…only God could change the course of this tide.  I managed to get all my lesson plans done for the rest of the week by 1:30ish.  I then stepped out to drop some postcards off at the post office.  I was already planning on having a late lunch at Brasserie Quixote, but the co-owner, Satsuki-san, had stepped out to take care of the potted pansies by the door, so I stopped to say hello to her.  She tried to rush me inside right away, but I showed her my postcards and motioned that I would come back. 

  They were waiting for me when I got back.  It was kind of funny.  Almost like they were staring intently at the door until I came through, and they all did a sort of cheer when I said hello!  I sat at the bar this time, and ordered my favorite of omuraiss.  People may laugh that I order the same thing…but I usually only go there once a week, and I know that I like the omuraiss…so why change?  🙂  I’m a creature of habit..especially when I can’t read what else is on the menu. 

  I’m so glad that God set up this place for me to have a ministry.  I really enjoy conversing with the people, and now that I’m learning some more Japanese, I can practice it with them, and get to know them more.  They correct me when I need it, and help me out…kind of an even trade as I share English with them that they don’t know.  It’s pretty much a hangout for people involved in the wind ensemble.  I found out the concert next month is just a pick-up concert…which I didn’t understand…but it’s just two solo instruments with the piano…the clarinet (my friend from my first visit, Shiroyama) and the flute.  Yashio-san (the conductor/restaurant owner) showed me the music and it looks really beautiful, so I’m very excited about it.  The clarinet piece is by Schumann and the flute piece is by Donjon, who I’ve never heard of, I’ll have to wiki him.

  I mentioned that I’m playing my violin at church this Sunday.  Yashio-san misunderstood me and thought I was asking if the restaurant was open on Sundays.  He abruptly said “Clooooosed” with a big grin.  I grinned back and said that I was playing my violin on Sunday for Mother’s Day.  I had to explain Mother’s Day, and then where exactly I was playing.  I had a brochure for the English ministry, which has a map for both sites, so I pointed to Kawanaka and he studied it, really curious about the kyookai (church).  I told him he could keep it, and another man there, Tanabe-san, asked for one as well.  I kind of left the topic at that, not wanting to put them in an awkward position by inviting them to hear me if they didn’t want to come.  But Yashio-san asked what time I would be playing.  So I told him it was at 10a, and then we both kind of trailed off to other topics.  I told Taka about it, and he seemed to think that was encouraging that he might actually come to hear me play!  And with that, Taka is preaching that morning, so maybe he (and anyone he might bring with him) will hear the Gospel!  Please please PLEASE pray that he might come and hear…it would be amazing to me if it actually happened! 

  Another great point…I was relaying the story to Taka and Samantha, and I was afraid I was pronouncing Shiroyama’s name wrong.  So I corrected myself and said, Shiriyama.  Taka started up and asked me what her name was again.  I repeated, Shiriyama…and said, “It means ‘White Mountain’.”  Taka started laughing really hard and corrected me that it is really Shiroyama and to never make that mistake again.  Turns out the Shiri means “butt” and I was actually calling her the misfortunate name of “Butt Mountain.”  I’m soooooo glad I made that mistake in front of a teammate and not another Japanese person, or worse! one of the ensembles members and Shiroyama.  So crazy how one letter difference changes the whole meaning! 

One thought on “This Thursday Was Better

  1. thanks for the response and the prayers!  so do you think you’re going to try to finish up a private license?  your site also caught my eye because i have a couple friends who are interested in being missionaries in japan.  how did you end up going there?  i like to hear people’s stories 🙂

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