Moji Yet Again!

So, right across the Kanmon Strait, on the other island of Kyushu, in the prefecture of Kitakyushu, you will find Moji.  Moji is a port city, and it seems to have been one of the first places really modernized in Japan.  It became the hub for trends and international products for Japan in the 1920’s.  This makes it particularly enjoyable for shopping and walking and whatnot in present day.  One part has been designated at Mojiko, and it has the oldest train station building in all of Japan.  It is really neat.  Since it’s Japan, naturally the structures have the pointed and elaborate style of Japanese buildings…but with the foreign influence, especially that of the Dutch, a lot of the buildings reflect the slated decorations of Holland buildings.  It is a really neat area to go explore and to walk around.  The ocean is on one side, and then mountains form the backdrop for the other. 

Yesterday, we went to the museum that Eri used to work at.  It’s a historical museum for Shimonoseki/Moji area, focusing on the developments in that region, some of the folklore and whatnot, and the major battles that occurred.  I couldn’t take any pictures, but the exhibits were so elaborate!  Some were made of paper, some clay, some fabric, wood, etc…they were artistic renderings of the historical people and events of Shimonoseki.  I learned that as a legend, the strait was blocked by a small mountain, with only a little hole in the middle to allow passage of small ships.  One day, the empress and her fleet was going through the strait to meet the enemy on the other side.  In the night, the mountain was mysteriously taken away, and the strait was opened up for the fleet to pass, allowing for the empress’ victory.  The remains of the mountain moved from their place and formed the island of Hikoshima (the place I walk to frequently).  It was an interesting story, myth, of course…but very neat.  The part of the strait that had been blocked is actually where the great Shimonoseki Bridge spans across between the islands.

It was a really nice time yesterday because Samantha is done with her schoolwork for the year, and so is a little less stressed out.  Also, Eri and her sister Ayako are Christians, and that makes for a very nice time of fellowship.  They both speak English very, very, very well.  Ayako is 24 (I think) and lives and works in Fukuoka, so she’s not up here often, but she came up for Golden Week and we got to hang out.  Eri is 19 and is quickly becoming a good friend for me.  I have a link to the pictures I took below, so feel free to check them out!  Oh, I’m particularly pleased with one photo that I took of a little performance monkey. Oh, and we saw the same trick artist performing on the boardwalk.  It was funny…he yelled at me for having my hands clasped (to support me as I was sitting kind of funny) while he wanted everyone to clap, or be prepared to clap.  Very fun time!  Everyone have a great week!  And thanks for your prayers with my uncle.  I really appreciate them.


2 thoughts on “Moji Yet Again!

  1. so i did something i haven’t done in forever.. i skimmed through the simply aviation blogring and found another girl missionary pilot! (only i’m not quite there yet)  i was surprised, however, that you’re only a year older than me–how on earth did you manage to get all your ratings and everything done so quickly?!  just curisous 🙂  it’s nice to see other missions aviation girls out there–i hear the road is hard for us, but i personally haven’t experienced that yet…  anyway, have a good one and may God bless your work over there!!

  2. @combat_wombat – Oh….I wish I could say that I was a full-blown missionary pilot!  That would be amazing!  I ran out of money and couldn’t continue my flying lessons.  But, I love flying, and I really miss learning…I think I only made it to 10 hours.  But I like being a part of the group, and I actually get quite a few people who drop by from the group…since it’s not definitely Christian, I figure it’s a witness in itself.  I’m sooo excited that you found me though!  I’m going to add you to my lists.  Keep going girl!  The road is tough, but so worth it…it’s all worth it if you’re following God!

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