Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for prayer from you this morning/evening.  My dad is in Alabama right now visiting with my Uncle Tom who has been fighting a severe form of cancer for the last several months.  He has been back in the hospital for a few days and is not doing well at all.  He is so weak and things do not look good.  There are three new tumors that have sort of converged on each other, forming a massive growth all along his waist, clear from his back and across his stomach.  They are so large that it makes him look about four months pregnant.  The doctors have just declared that it is inoperable, but they haven’t given any timeframe.  They have him on a high level of morphine, so there are some moments when he’s very lucid (I talked to Dad and he said that he was very jovial with some of the many visitors that he’s been having) but other times he’s slurring his words and in extreme pain.

Please pray for him.  God can still heal him completely…because God is a God of miracles.  I know that God can use my uncle to demonstrate His power to the world.  But if it’s not His will, pray for Tom’s wife, Cindy, and their children, Candi and Jody.  Candy, herself, has some medical problems as she had a stroke maybe two years ago (from a combination of migraine medication and birth control) and she is now pregnant.  She’s under close watch of her doctors, but they say everything looks great for her.  (Candi’s also married to Chad and they have a sweet little girl named Carleigh)

And pray for my family too…this will be the first time someone close to me has passed away.  I know there’s nothing that I could do, but being so far away, I feel even more powerless.  I know that God will comfort me, but it’s sad that I can’t be with my family during this time.  But God knows what He’s doing, and I will focus my heart on the hope and joy of seeing my uncle again in heaven.

Thanks for your prayers. šŸ™‚

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