Poem: Anticipation

September 29th, 2004

Waiting on You
In expectation of Your glory
The warmth of Your love
Brushes my cheek and arm
This weather-eye
Is getting tired
Worn from straining to see
Your light on the horizon
Are You really coming?
Will this sound deep inside
Like the beating of a heart;
A knocking on the door,
Be realized?
It’s always right on the edge
Like racing over a hill
Stomach rebels and body in motion
Flip inside and laughter out.
Or after the rain
And a drop on the leaf
Grows and stretches
Then final release
Splash on the ground.
Are You really coming?
Like the shell from the shore
And waves in my ear
Feet in the sand
Dig in and the water
Seeps in and covers
Yeah, this is You.

 – Sarah ><>

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