Poem: The Best in Worship

October 10th, 2004

Walk through the doors
Smiles on faces and warm hands to shake
Slip into my pew
Friends on the left, friends on the right
Bow heads in prayer
Thanks for arrival and blessing for worship
Stand up to sing
Praise and give love to our King

What is this that echoes in my ear?
Is this really music worthy of a King?
Searching for God in the shatter of notes
His image unclear in the racket

Close my eyes to the noise
Coming from up front
Feel Your presence shine through
Surrounding me and fellowship

Open them up again
To the mess man has made
Heart sinks inside
As I remember Your face
Looking down and frowning
On the gift we bring
This talent taken and buried in a hill
Brought out this morning
Just to show we’ve not lost it

 – Sarah ><>

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