At Long Last

Three words:  I HAVE INTERNET!

It’s so nice. 🙂  I’m so dependent on my networking sites…it’s sad.  To think, I only had the ability to check my email, and that was a sporadic grace from God.  I was actually forced to send people thoughtful emails rather than just pass by them unannounced via FB or Xanga.  So weird!

Today, is my last Sunday in Japan.  It is so strange to think that this time next week, I will be in Egypt…and then one week later, I will be in Ohio.  The church is throwing me a little going-away party after the service, and then I’m not sure what will be going on.  Tomorrow, my friend and I are travelling to a city pronounced “oo-sah”.  When they spell it in the romaji (with English letters), it looks like “Usa” though.  I’m pretty excited.  There isn’t supposed to be anything there, but that’s alright…it’ll be fun to be in USA while in Japan.  Heh.

I put off my packing until this week, so that I wouldn’t be overly frazzled.  I don’t like to do things too far in advance.  Plus, I still have two class notebooks to finish for the new teacher.  Sometimes I forget that I’m leaving and I have to repeat to myself, “You’re leaving in less than a week. You’re leaving in less than a week,” just so that I keep on myself to get things done.  Well, I’m off to get ready for church!  Everyone have a great day!!

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