The Way I Feel…

I feel lethargic and slightly chilled.  It might be psychosomatic, but I think I’m showing early signs of this nasty flu case going around.  😦  Either that, or the effects of having a Jehovah’s Witness recently find my blog is doing its work on my health.  Anywho…please pray for me that I will not be sick and that a good night’s sleep will be sufficient to remedy this.  I have so much stuff to do this month…I don’t need to at sick-time to the mix.  Thanks!

One thought on “The Way I Feel…

  1. yeah the flu that is going around is nasty… half my students were out sick last week… and this week I got sick – but even though I thought it was the flu it ended up being just a regular cold.. so I hope if you do get something it just ends up being a regular cold. I mean, of course I hope you don’t get sick at all!   praying for you!

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