This is for the Birds! – Japan #7

This is one of a series of emails I sent while preparing and living overseas in Japan, from April 2008 to April 2009.  They are mostly for my own benefit, but also for anyone who may care to read them.  Enjoy 🙂

I was going to wait until Saturday to send out an email, but I was so proud of myself with this last post on my blog that I thought you all might like to see what my day was like today.  I think that some of you still have not ventured over to my blog to read my daily (semi-) posts, but I think you should!  Here is the post from today…enjoy!

Here is my attempt at photodocumenting:

Today, I spent four hours working on one lesson plan.  It was crazy.  I found out later that the one student in that class wasn’t going to be there today…sooooooo, I’m just all the more prepared for next week!  Anywho, Thursdays, I have to travel to Kawanaka for my classes.  I hopped onto the


and was sitting there pleasantly when suddenly one of these



decided it wanted to go for a trip as well.  Quickly deducing the travesty of not only taking a bird on the train – without a ticket – but how would that bird find its way back to its home, I grabbed my


and started waving it at the bird trying to frighten it back onto the platform.  Unfortunately, it had been raining all day…thus my need for an umbrella…and I began flicking


around my vicinity, and onto a lady sitting quietly, even dozing off, completely unaware of the fiasco brewing about her.  She glanced up quickly, fast enough to see the pigeon hop back onto the platform and so forgave me of my antic. 

Finally, I was at the church and about to start my class with the junior high kids.  They are a blast and good sports.  In fact, they’re such good sports that I coerced them to pose for a picture.  This was the result:


Pretty well worth the crazy train ride, eh??  O-H!


In Him,

Sarah ><>

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