Poem: Light in The Father

August 17th, 2008

How beautiful it is when
A child of God goes to meet Him.
When the light has burned brightly,
Drawing many to the Source –
The Father.
When the child’s flame is immersed
In the burning brilliance of,
The Father.
Though other nearby flames
Mourn the loss of their kindred
The hope of future burning,
Of a flame that will never fan out,
It is our comfort and delight.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Your Grace is Sufficient

August 17th, 2008

Your grace is sufficient for Your children.
In our deepest grief,
Your grace is enough for us.

Your love overwhelms Your children.
In our greatest despair,
Your love is greater than us.

Your mercy humbles Your children.
In our worst rebellion,
Your mercy, to our knees, it brings us.

Your hope comforts Your children.
In our foggiest future,
Your hope is peace to us.

Sarah ><>

Poem: The Words

May 22nd, 2007

I need words
That hold a chorus of thoughts,
Expressing gratitude for the good You’ve done.
For me, this little girl,
Still wide-eyed
And unaware of each blessing.
Oh, if I only have the words!
To speak of the joy welling up,
Bubbling over inside me
At each “kiss” You give me –
The moon, the stars, the fog,
A voice, laughter, Melodies,
Clouds, the wind, everything.
Yellow describes but one side.
Giddy labels another,
But for the five hundred more,
Who could name them?
Who, but You who made them!
Ah, the words of love and devotion,
And the care of my Papa.
“I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.”

Sarah ><>

Poem: The Heavy Moon

December 11th, 2006

The night is falling around me,

As the colors of the sun sink below the line of trees.

My spirits are down tonight,

Thinking of unfulfilled dreams and distant goals.

Inability and incapacity weigh my heart in the evening.

Feelings incapability and stagnation are deadening.

I sigh, and turn around the car to drive back home.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a light.

Natural and serene, but present just the same,

I toss my glance to the side and see the moon.

My old friend. 

He is fat and plump stationed in the sky.

He has the color of a pumpkin aging gently.

Seeing him makes my heart leap,

For he is a dear friend and a messenger from God

Reminding me of His love and care. 

The world around me seems to melt away,

Then suddenly it fills back in like the light of the stars,

Or waves crashing on a rocky cliff. 

I thank my friend for his delivering the message

And kiss at the sky to my Papa

And drive home feeling lighter than the heavy moon.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Time = Clarity?

November 8th, 2006

“Timing is everything.”
So they say
And every day I live, I find out
How true it is.
These past couple of years are spent in haziness,
Like the fog outside,
Filling in thegaps of the trees.
Reminds me of the cotton in a
Bottle of pills.
No, this is softer, less coarse.
It’s pleasant to my eyes, my mind.
I love the fog.
I know, some point, it will become clear
But I’m enjoying sitting here,
Ignorant of what’s 30 feet ahead of me.
All I see is me, fog, and the near distance.
I feel a Presence, beyond my sight,
I know it’s You.
And I love it.  I love, love – love it.
Is seeing clearly asll it has to be?
Or can I be content in this
Pea-soup dream of a reality?
I think I can.  Should I?
Only time will tell.

by Sarah ><>

Poem: Watching the Air

May 20th, 2006

Two spectators enjoying the day –
A beautiful sun and gentle breeze,
Both watching the planes
Coming in and out.
We want so badly to be up there too,
But I’m on the ground and
His wings are too small.
So we’re sitting and watching,
Content to be landlocked with the sky high above.
I sing out a song
His chirps fill the air –
Both grateful to be alive
And listening to Brandenburg play from my car.
Someday we’ll both get our wings.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Presence in a Storm

May 17th, 2006

Something about a storm makes me
Feel the presence of Yahweh.
My God – Papa – His name fills my mouth
As sweet as honey.
The thunder, the lightning…
It’s all Him, nothing more, nothing less.
His strength blowing against the trees,
Making them bow down to Him,
Their creator.
The rain announcing His omnipresence,
He’s always there, washing us over.
It’s overpowering – the sound of the
Millions of drops, echoing and falling.
Constant drop, drop, drop, drip, drop.
I’m chilled inside by the eerie feeling of the air
Yet warm by the understanding –
He’s here and I’m nothing.

Sarah ><>