Poem: Time = Clarity?

November 8th, 2006

“Timing is everything.”
So they say
And every day I live, I find out
How true it is.
These past couple of years are spent in haziness,
Like the fog outside,
Filling in thegaps of the trees.
Reminds me of the cotton in a
Bottle of pills.
No, this is softer, less coarse.
It’s pleasant to my eyes, my mind.
I love the fog.
I know, some point, it will become clear
But I’m enjoying sitting here,
Ignorant of what’s 30 feet ahead of me.
All I see is me, fog, and the near distance.
I feel a Presence, beyond my sight,
I know it’s You.
And I love it.  I love, love – love it.
Is seeing clearly asll it has to be?
Or can I be content in this
Pea-soup dream of a reality?
I think I can.  Should I?
Only time will tell.

by Sarah ><>

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