Poem: The Heavy Moon

December 11th, 2006

The night is falling around me,

As the colors of the sun sink below the line of trees.

My spirits are down tonight,

Thinking of unfulfilled dreams and distant goals.

Inability and incapacity weigh my heart in the evening.

Feelings incapability and stagnation are deadening.

I sigh, and turn around the car to drive back home.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a light.

Natural and serene, but present just the same,

I toss my glance to the side and see the moon.

My old friend. 

He is fat and plump stationed in the sky.

He has the color of a pumpkin aging gently.

Seeing him makes my heart leap,

For he is a dear friend and a messenger from God

Reminding me of His love and care. 

The world around me seems to melt away,

Then suddenly it fills back in like the light of the stars,

Or waves crashing on a rocky cliff. 

I thank my friend for his delivering the message

And kiss at the sky to my Papa

And drive home feeling lighter than the heavy moon.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Time = Clarity?

November 8th, 2006

“Timing is everything.”
So they say
And every day I live, I find out
How true it is.
These past couple of years are spent in haziness,
Like the fog outside,
Filling in thegaps of the trees.
Reminds me of the cotton in a
Bottle of pills.
No, this is softer, less coarse.
It’s pleasant to my eyes, my mind.
I love the fog.
I know, some point, it will become clear
But I’m enjoying sitting here,
Ignorant of what’s 30 feet ahead of me.
All I see is me, fog, and the near distance.
I feel a Presence, beyond my sight,
I know it’s You.
And I love it.  I love, love – love it.
Is seeing clearly asll it has to be?
Or can I be content in this
Pea-soup dream of a reality?
I think I can.  Should I?
Only time will tell.

by Sarah ><>

Poem: Thoughts on a Fall Day

October 28th, 2006

A windy, cold day –
The trees tossing and stretching
As clouds speckle the sky
Of bright blue.
Contrast the softer brown of
The fading leaves;
Brittle and weak
As a robin’s egg, abandoned.
Fall, the season of dying,
Putting away the colors of
Summer and Spring.
A season of change,
Aggressive, dull, unwanted by some.
Yet, deceived by the blue sky,
Beckoning the memories to a gentler time
Of vibrancy and life.
It betrays the mind and the heart
As winter creeps in closer.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Watching the Air

May 20th, 2006

Two spectators enjoying the day –
A beautiful sun and gentle breeze,
Both watching the planes
Coming in and out.
We want so badly to be up there too,
But I’m on the ground and
His wings are too small.
So we’re sitting and watching,
Content to be landlocked with the sky high above.
I sing out a song
His chirps fill the air –
Both grateful to be alive
And listening to Brandenburg play from my car.
Someday we’ll both get our wings.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Presence in a Storm

May 17th, 2006

Something about a storm makes me
Feel the presence of Yahweh.
My God – Papa – His name fills my mouth
As sweet as honey.
The thunder, the lightning…
It’s all Him, nothing more, nothing less.
His strength blowing against the trees,
Making them bow down to Him,
Their creator.
The rain announcing His omnipresence,
He’s always there, washing us over.
It’s overpowering – the sound of the
Millions of drops, echoing and falling.
Constant drop, drop, drop, drip, drop.
I’m chilled inside by the eerie feeling of the air
Yet warm by the understanding –
He’s here and I’m nothing.

Sarah ><>

Poem: Petal By Petal

This poem is a special piece for me.  I wrote this after walking through a field of wildflowers.  It was sweet.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Queen Anne’s Lace.  I think I’ve shared it before, but the myth goes something like this:

Queen Anne was a beautiful young lady and could sew lovely lace.  The fairies loved her because she was gentle to all the creatures of the forest and loved flowers so much.  She was sewing a particularly elaborate piece of lace when she pricked her finger with the needle.  A single drop of blood fell into the center of the lace, ruining it.  The fairies decided to honor her by making a beautiful white flower to grow wild in the forest.  This flower looks like lace on the top and has deep red petals in the center.

I wrote this poem to illustrate my romantic relationships.  It’s based on the childhood game of pulling a petal off and saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.”  The white petals show all the guys that have taken an interest in me or who I have given myheart to for a season.  Finally, the red petals represent the ultimate love for us all, the love of Jesus Christ.  I hope you enjoy the poem!  Thanks!

February 15th, 2006

Like yesterday, the dream goes by
As soft as white dandelion flowers
Filling a green and yellow field.
The haze of late afternoon weighs my eyes
And I’m lost in the million thoughts.

Queen Anne sits on her mighty throne
And I cut it down to my size and
Gaze at each tiny petal, the mini-flowers.

A childhood game comes to mind.
I sit – I rest – with my knees in the air,
Feet firmly planted.
“He loves me. He loves me not.”
Over and over, repeating my plan.
“He loves me. He loves me not.”

Not anyone in mind, but a flutter in my heart.
Each petal drops with his intent.
My mind blurs in the midst of the white
Reminisce of years gone by and
Love at the doorstep.
One drops yes. Another drops no.
How easily they change their mind.
A dainty pile growing below of disenchanted,
Disengaged, disinterested beaus in white tuxedos.

At last two remain.
Yes, and red.
Red to what can it mean?
Only blood so pure in love divine.

Sarah ><>

Poem: A Lightning Bug Hunt

(Rachel & Leo Collection)

Aug 15, 2005

The sky was starting to slowly get dark
As Rachel and Leo dashed to the park.
Their mission was simple, their plan complete.
Catching lightning bugs was what they’d compete.

With her jar in hand, Rachel skipped about
And Leo decided a different route.
As he crept so quietly into the trees,
The lightning bugs there were ready to please.

The bugs in the trees were blinking a storm,
And in Leo’s mind a plan began to form.
He would climb to the top and catch them all!
But if he fell, it would be a great fall.

He climbed up one branch, and then another
His tail wrapped around the jar of Rachel’s mother.
“I won’t fall at all! I won’t! I won’t!”
Then Rachel ran up and said, “Oh, Weo! Don’t!”

“I reawwy think the wightning bugs are nice
And awready I’ve caught them twice!
But in their home is where they shouwd be found.
I wike them fwying and bwinking around.”

So Leo began to climb slowly down,
And he and Rachel turned back towards town.
Tomorrow another plan they would make
While sitting in the reeds by the lake.

Sarah ><>

Poem: An Adventure of Ginger the Cow

July 30th, 2005

Ginger awoke to a bright new day.
She was so excited to get out and play.
“And what would she do?” you may say.
Ginger would go out and play in the hay.

The farmer came out and was ready to plow.
Ginger wanted to go out, to go out right now.
But first the farmer must feed the sow,
And then he’d be sure to let out the cow.

With the gate opened wide, Ginger went to the pasture,
But she didn’t hear the call of her master.
So glad to be free, she ran faster and faster.
She didn’t know she would head for disaster.

The longer she played, the later it got
And very soon the day became hot.
So, she laid herself down by a tree with a knot
And where she was lying, she quickly forgot!

Suddenly, Ginger woke up with a fright.
She looked around and saw it was night!
She knew in her heart that this wasn’t right
So she jumped to her feet and then took flight.

The only light Ginger had was the moon.
She only wanted to get back home soon.
She saw the eyes of a sneaky raccoon,
And she heard an owl hooting his tune.

At last, she saw a light far ahead.
To the light of the barn was where she was led.
The farmer came out and showed Ginger her bed
He wasn’t angry, but pet her instead.

The point of this story is simple and true.
Listen closely and don’t miss the cue.
It’s fun to get out and play like you do,
But please stay near home and your parents too!

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Beautiful Feet

July 25th, 2005

I’ve looked at the mountains many times
And been captivated by their beauty.
They stand majestic over all of creation,
Looking down, casting a shadow on the land.

My heart’s dream would be to climb
And hang on the very top, shouting out –
Shouting out God’s glory and praise to the world.
No doubt my feet would be dirty and pained,

But You’ve called them beautiful! These feet,
They’ve carried me halfway around the world for You.
They’ve walked through mud, dirt, filth, water,
Anything You’ve placed before them.

But the Message empowers the body
And any pain I feel is only the aching in my heart
Of wanting to climb that grandiose mountain.
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

 – Sarah ><>

Poem: Just For One Day

This poem was also a challenge given by the poet’s community.  The challenge was to write a poem about what we would want to do if we had one day to do anything.  The format was not set, just the theme.  I had many things I would like to do…so I put them all in here:

Just For One Day

July 23rd, 2005

Just for one day, I could dream many things.
What would I give a whole day for?
Is there anything I desire so much for?

Yes. Just for one day, I’d like to rest
In the arms of a man who loves me.

Just for one day, I’d like to know
That all my waiting hasn’t been for nothing.

Just for one day I’d like to fly so high
I swear I could never fall down.

Just for one day, if I did come down,
There’d be someone there to catch me.

Just for one day, I’d like to know
That true love really does exist.

Just for one day I’d like to be
All that God wants me to be.

Just for one day, I’d like to be strong enough
To climb the highest mountain.

Just for one day, I’d like to love completely
Without any strings attached inside.

Just for one day, I could dream many things.
What wouldn’t I give for a whole day
For anything I so much desire?

 – Sarah ><>

PS.  I wrote a new poem last night!  First on in about 5 months!  🙂  Maybe it’s coming back!  🙂