The Golden Compass…Really Golden? – **Warning!**

My excitement for children’s fantastical movies made me really anxious to see the new movie, The Golden Compass, with Nicole Kidman.  My mom just forwarded this email to me, expressing concern about the content and intentions of the film, and I, proceeding to the Snopes site (link above), discovered that the warnings are true!  Apparently, the movie is based on the first book of a series by an atheistic British author, Philip Pullman.  Here’s a link to what Wikipedia has to say about it too:

The whole series is a retaliation against the Chronicles of Narnia and God Himself.  The books teach children to rebel against religious upbringing and the characters eventually kill “God” in the end of it.  Each person has a daemon linked to them which can take the shape of different animals.  Lyra, is a young girl, whose own mother is a part of the “Church” that kidnaps children from around the world for experimental purposes. 

I was really excited about this movie, but now, not so much.  I think this is very dangerous…some consider Pullman to be the most dangerous writer in England.  He is staunchly atheistic and despises Christianity and C.S. Lewis.  I am probably going to read the books, just so I can know better how to argue against them…but I urge you NOT to go see this movie.  We shouldn’t give any more money to this man than he’s already getting.  Nicole Kidman is in it, so, therefore, it is getting a lot of press.  I’m usually an advocate for fantastical children’s series’, but not in this case.  Do not allow your children to see this, and warn others about it as well. 

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