Bullets of Awesomeness: Pennsylvania Edition

The much anticipated, Bullets of Awesomeness, from Lanna and my recent Pennsylvania roadtrip.  Let the games begin!

  • Sarah makes an illegal left turn…before we’re even out of Ohio…or Cincinnati, for that matter.
  • Lanna’s universal symbol for dancing
  • Rapping the “Fresh Prince” theme song together when we saw the sign for Bellarie
  • Sarah falls off sidewalk while walking through neighborhood…Lanna laughs at her.
  • Pap offers to scrub Lanna’s back
  • Lanna trying desperately to get the pillow out of the pillowcase, only to find that she’s holding the wrong end!
  • Super Panda (’cause when I think Pittsburgh, I think Super Panda – Lans)
  • Driving through the tunnells of forbidden joy (Lanna’s spelling)
  • Random guy doing pushups at the rest stop on turnpike.  FUNNY!
  • “It’s just more cushion for the…oh, grandparents” – Lans
  • “Lanna!  Look at his sock!” – Sarah
  • Scampers!
  • There’s some sort of lifeform in that foliage.
  • Climbing and sitting on top of a mountain. (Sarah in her flip-flops) Hardcore.
  • Finding the local St James…and St James Street – In Schuylkill Haven, and Philadelphia
  • Schuylkill Haven – “The little town that could”
  • Happenings in Scranton
    • Mumbling Italian waitor at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe
    • Had lunch at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe…not Pizza by Alfredo
    • Every sentence ending with, “…in Scranton”
    • “What’s there to see in Scranton?” “Uh…what?  Nothing”
    • Had dinner at Farley’s
    • Lanna is hit on…by the 25-guy…in Scranton
    • walking 3 1/2 miles around Lake Scranton, one of us wearing 3 1/2 inch heels…no names mentioned…Lanna
    • Seeing Sarah’s cousin Caleb after…how many years again?
    • Squirrels
    • “Get thee behind me Satan!”
  • Blimpie!
  • Togash
  • per Lanna – “Bald things happen here” – (Photo Journalism…photo to come later)
  • Sarah: “Do you hear that?”  Lanna: “The airplane?”  Sarah: “No.”  Lanna: “The footsteps?”  Sarah: “No…the squacking”  Lanna: “The geese?”  Sarah: “Yeah…great observational skills!”

I am better than you ever have or ever will be.

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