Freebie Printable: November Bible Verse Calendar

Nov 07 ESV

Ok, the clip-art is kind of cheesy, but I did all of that chevron by myself! (Go old school Microsoft Paint!)

This all stems from wanting to have a daily verse calendar like the one my grandparents have had for years. Theirs flips over and has verses on the front and back. I couldn’t really come up with a way to do that without a stand, so I grabbed a bunch of index cards and got writing. I found a great daily verse list here. It’s very cool how they arranged them to align with certain holidays and themes. I was impressed.

You should be too. I put my hand into very, very painful writer’s cramp putting this out. I found a recipe card box with a ridge on the top, that would fit all of the cards. 365 cards. Quite a feat.


Then, I got to thinking that this would be a fun thing to share with others. I love coming into my kitchen in the morning, while I’m letting my Keurig heat up (who has time for a real tea pot anymore!?) and pulling out the day’s Bible verse. My handwriting isn’t the best, so you can get yourself a prettyfied pdf color version.

The plan is to do the whole year…and probably include two other versions: King James Version (KJV) and New International Version (NIV). So, here is November’s list. They look like the above and below, but four to a page (all but February will have 8 pages)

Nov 28 ESV


  1. Download the .pdf file below.
  2. Print onto white 8.5 x 11 card-stock (other colors might be ok, but you’ll have to test that out yourself).
  3. Cut along the dotted lines then sort into numeric order.
  4. Prop up on a little stand, or keep in a drawer and swap out on the fridge. Or buy a recipe box with a ridge in the top for easy reading.
  5. Keep in a prominent place where the members of the household will easily see it. The kitchen table is good, if you have breakfast there.
  6. Discuss verse(s) with family and encourage reading the surrounding verses for context and meditation throughout the day.


November ESV (pdf)
November KJV (pdf)
November NIV (pdf)

Bible In a Year Plan November

Enjoy! Oh, and subscribe to this blog to the right if you’d like notifications of new posts and the next of these printables. I promise not to overwhelm your inbox. 🙂

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