It is Here, Even Now

Wife’s Journal

“The First Year”
Entry #41

I was uncertain.

It seemed like we were in the clear.

Either we were lulled into a false sense of security, or my presence no longer intimidates the savage creature.

It’s stealth and cunning. Ah, it is a clever little thing.

I thought that perhaps we could be the one home that it did not stalk through. But no.

Whilst we sat in the other room, unsuspecting, it was there, working its crafty ways.

Only two. Two unmatched and yet similar, unless you put them on and then glaringly obvious. The shock of discovery.

I measured the distance from the two rooms and it is minimal, scarcely any length at all. And yet, they are gone. Vanished in the blink of an eye, or rather, a 50 and 46 minute cycle. The cavern is not deep. The back is clearly visible from the opening and yet, they are not to be found.

How could this be? It is a question that has haunted wives for decades. No good answer can be found. Maybe it’s really a black hole, magically appearing during the spin cycle.

The sock monster cometh and is here.

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