June Recap

Here’s a recap of June according to my postcard calendar.

1st:  Finally marrying Matthew D Martin.


2nd:  Lovin’ being married!

3rd:  Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Reds’ Game! 3-0 Redlegs!

130608 ruthschrisdessert

4th:  Lovin’ our Homeymoon.

5th:  Raided Target for our registry items.

6th:  Union Terminal and Butterflies.

130608 unionterminal03

7th:  Back to work – Franklin branch.

8th:  Moving out a futon and moving in boxes.

9th:  Flour tin is now filled with leftover Skittles from the wedding. (they’ve been moved into the cookie jar since then. There is actually now flour in the flour tin.)

10th:  Fire truck called to the bank. Darn cleaning crew!

11th:  Matt widens the door on the shed. He’s so handy.

12th:  Matt goes back to work. Third shift. 😦

13th:  Strawberry bread!

14th:  Matt got me a bat house!!


15th:  Star Trek and Red Robin for my birthday. Yummm…

16th:  Grey’s Anatomy marathon. Just what the doctor ordered.

17th:  Pizza and Dr. Who!

18th:  We bought a computer! (It’s an HP Envy…lovin’ it!)

19th:  Dilly bars from Dairy Queen. Very yummy.

20th:  Tilapia for dinner.


21st:  Researching cow shares in the area. Raw milk, here we come!

22nd:  Painting bookshelves…and bookcases.


23rd:  Lunch at Bob Evans with Matt’s family after church.

24th:  “Important Dates” gift from the Gantzes.


25th:  Olive Garden with Mom and sister. Gifts from Eri in Japan!


26th:  Small bookshelf is all finished!

27th:  Day off! So needed this.

28th: Bought a bottle of wine and didn’t get carded. Kind of sad.

29th: Got our wedding photos back!!


30th: Visiting Fairfield First Baptist for the first time since the wedding!

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