Insta-post: Sunny Day

Today, i got to take an hour break for my lunch. Matt came down to my office and we headed over to the local park to walk around the lake.

I was very proud of myself, because I  had worn dressy heels to work, but remembered to grab a pair of flip flops (yep, I work best in flips) to change into. However, I found that i had, in fact, grabbed the right shoe of both my black pairs of flip flops. I had another pair of shoes in my car, but they did not make my feet very happy. Regardless, we walked around the lake and I snapped a few pictures while we had time.


Wildflowers sometimes feel like an afterthought, but I think they're God's attention to detail.


Sunflowers...I just can't help myself!


Feather? Feather? Who lost a feather?



Nothing so sweet as a lunch date in a beautiful place. My feet might be saying otherwise, though.

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