Insta-Post: Mathis Fabric and Sunflowers


Yesterday was a long day, but I decided to instagram some of the afternoon. I heard from a friend that our favorite fabric place, Mathis Fabric, is going out of business. They’ve been around for years and always have an amazing selection of fabrics available. It’s going to take a few weeks to liquidate their stock, so I will probably need to make another trip up there soon.


fabric scraps! all for $3!


yards of fabric. I love the blue one. This pic is too dark to really show you the beautiful color

Our garden out back is so wild and random, when I’m not paying attention, it changes its whole appearance!


This sunflower should not be alive. There are so many kinks in the stalk and the part at the very top is all but broken through.


a mammoth sunflower stalk and a teeny tiny marigold


two blooms sunflower!


probably the biggest sunflower head we have this year!


We got this owl to scare away squirrels…I’m surprised we haven’t seen them draw a mustache on it and play other tricks


our zucchini plants have been really lovely and green – lots of blossoms too – but we’ve only been able to harvest one big zucchini. Not sure what the issue is. Let’s hope this one get big and strong!


Sweet Williams for a splash of pink in our otherwise very green and yellow garden right now.


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