One Another

God has really been laying some heavy things on my heart about the church and community and whatnot.  I know that none of this is new, but it’s something that NEEDS to be brought back to the forefront.  Here are verses that give commands (or by proxy commands) for how we are supposed to treat each other in the church, and then outside the church.  Enjoy…if that’s the right word.


19:11 – “you shall not lie to one another.”
25:14 – “you shall not wrong one another (in sales).”

Mark 9:50 – “be at peace with one another.”

13:14 – “wash one another’s feet.”
13:34 – “love one another.”
13:35 – “have love for one another.”
15:12 – “love one another.”
15:17 – “love one another.”

12:10 – “love one another with brotherly affections.”
          – “Outdo one another in showing honor.”
12:16 – “Live in harmony with one another.”
14:13 – “do not pass judgement on one another.”
15:5 – “Live in harmony with one another.”
15:7 – “welcome one another.”
15:14 – “instruct on another.”
16:16 – “greet one another.”

1 Corinthians
7:5 – “Do not deprive one another.”
11:33 – “wait for one another.”
12:25 – “care for one another.”

2 Corinthians 13:11 – “comfort one another; agree with one another.”

5:13 – “through love serve one another.”
5:26 – “don’t provoke or envy one another.”
6:2 – “bear one another’s burdens.”

4:2 – “bear with one another in love.”
4:32 – “be kind to one another; forgiven one another.”
5:21 – Submit to one another.”

3:9 – “Do not lie to one another.”
3:13 – “bear with one another; forgive each other.”
3:16 – “teach and admonish one another in all wisdom.”

1 Thessalonians
3:12 – “increase and abound in love for one another.”
4:9 – “love one another.”
4:18 – “encourage one another.”
5:11 – “ecourage and build one another up.”
5:15 – “do good to one another.”

2 Thessalonians 1:3 – “love one another.”

3:13 – “exhort one another.”
10:24 – “stir up one another to love and good works.”
10″25 – “encouraging one another.”

4:11 – “Do not speak evil against one another.”
5:9 – “Do not grumble against one another.”
5:16 – “Confess your sins to one another.”
        – “Pray for one another.”

1 Peter
1:22 – “love one another earnestly from a pure heart.”
4:8 – “keep loving one another earnestly.”
4:9 – “show hospitality to one another.”
4:10 – “serve one another.”
5:5 – “Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.”

1 John
1:7 – “have fellowship with one another.”
3:11 – “love one another.”
3:23 – “love one another.”
4:7 – “love one another.”
4:11 – “love one another.”
4:12 – “love one another.”

2 John 5 – “Love one another.”

I might have re-worded a couple just so they are in more of a command format, but most of these are in the imperative form for the original Greek.  If they are not imperative, then it’s in a context that signifies a command.  And please, don’t just take my word that they’re in the Scriptures.  Look them up yourselves and read them honestly, seeking God to reveal the meaning of it for your own life, rather than read out of it what you want to hear.  Obviously, the overarching theme is that God wants us to “love one another” and everything else comes under that umbrella.  I hope this encourages you as it’s encouraging me…not to make us feel better about ourselves or relieve tension within us, as we often define encouragement, but to increase the tension that would lead to action in our daily lives.

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