One Down, One to Go! :)

At 11:45 pm, local time, I will be ending my time here in Cairo and shipping back to the good O-HI-O! It’s so unreal that just last week, at this time, I was still in Japan, and tomorrow evening, I will be in Ohio! I have enjoyed my time here. Cairo has a lot of really neat things, and I’d like to come again, maybe with a friend to explore it with, and with more time too. I also had my first of two Easters this year! I don’t mean those “extra” celebrations you have just because you have two parts of your family that want to celebrate it with you, so you schedule a “make-up” Easter on another day…like a lot of people do for birthdays or Christmas. No…this is honestly another Easter. Because the holy day is on Friday here, we had church today and had an Easter egg hunt with the nephew…fun fun. Sunday, I’ll be in the States and will get to enjoy yet another Easter with my church fam and remainder of my fam. It’ll be nice. 🙂

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