I’m feeling much better.  No fever, headache or chills.  Now, I just have a cough, congestion and a semi-runny nose.  Anywho, thanks for your prayers everyone. 🙂

PS.  I just heard something really funny on my podcast today for Ask the Professor.  I love this radio show, it is hilarious and educational.  Here’s what they said:

(I forget the names of the profs who actually said it except for Kathy Bush, so, I’m just going to make some up.)

Andy: Hey guys, not to change the subject, but today’s Samuel Becket’s birthday!

Everybody:  Hurray!  Happy Birthday Samuel!

Andy: Well, it doesn’t do any good, he’s dead.

Frank: How old would he be today?

Andy: Um, 89.

Kathy: That’s wonderful!

Andy: But, he’s not.

Everyone: (different mutterings on Samuel Becket and his age.)

Kathy:  Haha…But, he’s not..  Haha.


Yeah, so, I’m not sure if anyone else finds this funny or not, but I thought it was hilarious.  Actually, not that I have it written down, it doesn’t look funny at all…just morbid.  Hmm….nevermind.  It’s still funny.

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