Bowling and Aftermath

So, some girlfriends and I went to go bowling yesterday after church.  We were going to go to the one near my home, since I knew it was pretty inexpensive and…near my home. 🙂  So, we went only to discover that it is closed until the 28th!  That came as a big shock, and as we were simultaneously mourning over our loss of being able to bowl there and trying to decide what to do next, two men came out of the building and gave us a bunch of small pieces of paper…probably 15 of them, or more.  They told us to definitely come back on the 28th, and we thanked them and started walking, amazed to find that we were holding coupons for a free game!  Lucky!

  We decided that we really wanted to go bowling, so we hopped on the train and went to Moji to try our luck at the Joy Plaza down there.  We got there and everything was opened (phew!).  While walking past the windows, we saw an immense number of purikura booths (elaborate photo booths where you can make outlandish and outrageous embellishments on the pictures once you have taken them…a must for any traveler to Japan).  One had English written all over it and while most of it was pretty normal, “Be the best” or some such like that…one said, “You will be inferior to no one!”  That clinched it, we had to go in. 

  Once in we bowled and enjoyed the wonder of bowling with only girls.  None of us really cared about our scores, and we spent the whole time yay-ing and aw-ing whenever someone had a good throw or failed miserably.  We even cheered when we tied with each other…and took massive amounts of pictures.  After two games, we were wiped and went to pay and leave.  Upon leaving, we were given free game passes as well!  Such a lucky day!

  We were hungry, so went to the nearby Korean section of Shimonoseki and ate at Yasumori, one of my regular joints.  I know one of the chefs there, and now, I don’t even have to ask for him, the staff let him know when I come in.  Hah.  He came out to say hi and treated us to a bowl of kimchi!  (That’s three!). 

Everything was hunky-dory until I woke up this morning to stiff shoulders, congestion, chills, headache and a fever.  Not only this, but our building is under construction and, I believe, the men were drilling into the concrete below me.  This was not acceptable for the condition I was in, but it ended around 12pm and I was able to sleep off and on throughout the day.  I am still not well enough for tomorrow, but feeling a little (very little) better.  I’d appreciate your prayers.  ‘Tis all!  Thanks!

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