Encouragement for My Sisters

I have been remembering a time when I was younger and totally depressed that I would never find a boyfriend.  Come on.  You know you’ve been there too…unless you’re a guy reading this…sorry this is for my girls.

For some reason, I have been indulging myself with some great chick flicks, which is fine, but always makes me reminiscent.  Not to mention my eating Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, cross-stitching throughout most of the day and listening to music online.  Yes, my summer vacation is turning out real eventful.  But it’s alright, I don’t really mind it.

I was thinking about my current “single” status and how I’m pretty content with it.  I mean, if God decided to change that today, I’d be game for that as well…but as is, I am fine. 🙂  Not something I could have said a few years ago.  Especially when I was younger and in that sometimes awful institution called High School, I remember complaining to my mom about how there were no Christian guys who were really worth their salt.  She would remind me that they were out there, and that God was in control.  She also said that when I got out of high school, I would have to beat them off with a baseball bat, which always kind of frightened me…but I never really believed her.  There was always this doubt in my mind that, regardless of what mom knew about life, I probably knew more than her and I definitely knew more about boys than her.  I was assured that I was correct in the scarcity of worth-while guys.  I even had older friends who were in college and I listened to their stories of love and loss and despite the growing evidence that Christian young men are out there, I stood resolute in my assumption that none would cross my path and I would turn into a woman like Mother Teresa or Amy Carmichael.

Even my first few years of college produced few solid Christian guys and just fed into my misconception that there aren’t really any out there.  But, then my girl friends started dating really awesome Christian guys and then some of them got married.  And after a while, I couldn’t deny that some mysterious void was producing great guys.  Could it be that Mom was right afterall?

As of now, I’m not even 25, but I can single-handedly attest to knowing several stellar Christian guys of all sorts: languages, cultures, nationalities, etc.  I am not hopeless, though I am content right now.  As I’ve traveled half-way around the world I have met some great guys too and I am so pleased to call them “Dear Brothers.” 

So, to my younger Sisters and to my 20-something single Sisters…do not give up hope.  Do not give in to the thoughts of isolation and do not – I repeat – DO NOT compromise your standards and settle for some guy who is less worthy than the best.  There are young men of principle and morals (although they are tempted just like we are…so have mercy on them and encourage your Brothers in holiness) and they are waiting for you as much as you are waiting for them.

And to my Brothers who have decided to read to the end…I won’t leave you out cold either…just because this is a message of hope to my Sisters, I hope that you won’t throw it away as no worth to you.  There are so many young ladies who are waiting for young men who will stand up for what they believe in.  Young men who will be leaders and guardians, and most of all, lovers of God.  Please don’t make us feel like our waiting has been in vain.  Step up, have courage, and be bold in your love of God and for His Family. It won’t be wasted.

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