Quizzer Whizzer

I got this off of another blog:

You enter a cafe. The cafe is deserted but on the table, you see: a glass of water, a bowl of soup, a dish of dessert, and a piece of meat. What you didn’t know is in one of this food is a drug that’ll make you do as you’re ordered: for example: someone orders you to dance like a monkey, and you’ll dance like one. So what do you think is the drugged food?

Well, there’s no right and wrong answer. Depending on the answer you choose, it’ll show what type of person you’ll be, how you’ll change when you fall in love.

Dessert: If you chose dessert, then when you fall in love, you’ll change according to the person you fell in love with. For example: if he/she likes Linkin Park, you’ll start to like Linkin Park. If he/she likes tennis, you’ll start to be interested in tennis. And so on. Your likes will change to be in accordance with him/her.

Soup: If you chose soup, then you are the type of person who doesn’t show your love, but you love deeply. You’ll act like you’re cold-hearted, but your heart is fuzzing with all the warmness. (Like Shin Goon from Goong. :P) You’ll think that you’re able to control your feelings, but other people can see through you. 😛

Water: If you chose water, then when you’re in love, you become quite serious about it. After you are in love, you are not able to show the dark side of you anymore. You spend your time seriously thinking about how to express your feelings, and the other person will not know how you’re feeling, and they will feel irritated.

Meat: If you chose meat, then you’re the kind of person who’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven when you fall in love. And you won’t be able to contain your thrill and excitement, so others will start to get annoyed of you and think, “Hey… what’s the big deal lah”. You’ll want to show off your love to the whole world.


I don’t know what I am.  I was torn between dessert and the piece of meat.  So maybe I’m an amalgum of the two…but after reading the descriptions, I think I’m more of a bowl of soup.  I hold a lot of my emotions inside, but I do have a ton of them swooshing around in my mind and whatnot.  I think I generally date desserts and glasses of water.  The guys I date immediately decide that they are in love with me and seem to change their whole selves just to match with me so that I’ll want to be with them…but then when I don’t show my emotions as quickly, they get bored and move on.  🙂  Which I’m ok with.  I don’t want someone who always agrees with me…or is in love with an idea of me.  And I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t know who they are themselves and just wants to be in a relationship.  I want our relationship to be a challenge (in a good way) and to be loved for who I reeeally am.  I always thought that the “1/2 + 1/2 = 1” description of marriage was flawed…and then I heard someone say that “1 + 1 = 1” and I really think that’s more accurate for a relationship.  I in no way feel incomplete as I am right now…and I don’t want to date or marry someone who does feel that way.


credit to dawn_1o9 for translating from Burmese to English

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