You Probably Shouldn’t Say That

This week is my last week of classes…so I’ve been trying to just play some games and enjoy the time with my students before the summer break.  We’ll be off for about a month and a couple weeks.  I have a few plans for the break.  One, I’m offering private lessons at $20 a pop!  Two, I’m going camping with the youth group at the church.  We’re meeting up with some other churches’ youth groups and it will be for 2 nights, three days. I’m also going to a baseball game!  Softbank Hawks vs. …ok, so the ticket it all in Japanese and I can’t read the kanji for the opposing team…but it’s something like Cebu or whatever.  Finally, I’m going to take a day trip to Hiroshima.  I’m really excited about that.  It was going to be all by myself, but I think that Taka and Aki will go with me and then I’ll come home by myself.  That will be a lot of fun.  I will post my findings and reflections on here when I return…but that will be sometime in August.

  We played Taboo last night in my ladies’ class.  At first, it was too hard, but then they really got into it, so we’ll have to play it again when the other ladies are there (I was missing two of the four students).  Then, in my first ladies’ class on Tuesday, we played a game where everyone writes down two true things and one false thing about themselves.  Everyone else then has to guess which statement is the false one.  My choices were:

1.  I like cats.
2.  I have flown an airplane.
3.  I can wiggle my nose.

Which do you think??  eh?? ehhh???

Another lady, Yumi, had for her statements.

1.  I collect kilts.
2.  I collect picture books.
3.  I collect postcards.

Surprisingly, the false statement is picture books.  After working on some pronunciation, we discussed the profound difference between collecting “kilts” and collecting “quilts.”  Easy mistake, but very funny after we got it all settled.  No worries…she has no strange affection for Scottish plaid articles of clothing.

So, all in all…it’s been a pretty fun week so far.  But, I have my SuperDemons on Friday…so we’ll see how that goes.  I will probably be begging for the week to end and for summer to never end.  Only downside…I don’t get paid during the summer.  🙂

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