Ramboling Ramble

Living in a foreign country is always interesting.  Yesterday, my private lesson at 8pm was cancelled and I had to walk to the train station when I am usually driven by said student.  I welcomed the change though.  I love being out at night, the waxing quarter moon was in the sky and being slightly out of the city, I could enjoy the stars for almost the first time.  The beautiful, friendly Canis Major was there, as was Draco and a few planets, I believe…possibly Mars & Jupiter.  It was nice, although I was a little late to see the bats.

  Which brings me to another thought, there is a mass death happening to bats in the northeast of USA.  They are developing a sickness known as “White Nose Syndrome,” so named because the bats acquire white noses.  This saddens me greatly…especially as they predict it will spread to other regions, like Pennsylvania.  How sad!  Not just because of the loss of bats, which animal I love, but also the increase of nighttime bugs, which creatures I loathe.

  Also, it is a strange experience to walk through the streets of Japan and greet citizens (wow, I sound almost Communist right there) in Japanese only to have them respond in English.  Kind of saddens, yet tickles, me at the same time.  Although, the joy still remains of the one elderly woman with makeup pencil marks all over her face who insists on speaking to me in Japanese even though I obviously do not know Japanese and have told her multiple times.  Oh wonder… 🙂



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