Getting Married: Countdown Post

I’ve been having trouble finding specific posts in this category, so I thought I’d just list them all here as I go.

Week 48: Engaged

Week 47: Booked!

Week 46

Week 45: Guestlisting

Week 44: The Church

Week 43: Bridalrama

Week 42: Making “The House” Our Home

Week 41: Interests, Hobbies, and Dates

Week 40: Flowers!

Week 39: The Dress

Week 38: Road Trip

Week 37: DIY Invitations

Week 36: 20 Thoughts

Week 35: Engagement Photos

Week 34: Combining Forces

Week 33: Dearly Beloved

Week 32: Silent Auction

Week 31: Halloween

Week 30: Holidays and Traditions

Week 29: Engagement Photos #2

Week 28: Cake: Not the Band, But They’re Cool Too

Week 27: Thankful

Week 26: O Christmas Tree

Week 25: Anniversary

Week 24: Christmas Baking

Week 23: End of the World…Psh, I Got This

Week 22: Festivities

Week 21: Happy New Year!

Week 20 – DIY Invitations #2

Week 19: Single Advice

Week 18: Visits

Week 17: Prep Work

Week 16: More Random

Week 15: Review: The Darkroom – Fairfield, OH

Week 14: Registries

Week 13: T Minus 90 Days

Week 12: Missing Week

Week 11: DIY Invitations #3

Week 10: Fitting in Lithuanian

Week 9: Shopping

Week 8: Workin and Weather

Week 7: Postcards, Painting, and Spring

Week 6: Shower #1

Week 5: Marriage License and Blogs

Week 4: One Month Mark

Week 3: Shower #2

Week 2: I Don’t Even Know

Week 1: I’m Really Glad That…

Week 0: Wedding Day


Review: Wedding Details – Ceremony


I’m getting married to my, you guessed it, best friend on June 1st, 2013! Matt and I are super-excited and since we have quite a bit of time to plan this thing, I decided it’d be fun to blog about it. Well, maybe not always fun, but at least informative and it might give me a welcome distraction. You can find all the posts by clicking the “Getting Married” tab on the right of this page, or by clicking here. Thanks for stopping by!

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