Hey everyone: faithful readers and not so much…I have fallen in love with WordPress as a blog platform, and so am relocating there.  I’ve had this blog for forever and would love to just take everything with me, but I think I need a face-lift and a chance for my blog to grow up with me.  So, here’s the new address:

And so, there you are!  Hope to see you on the flip-side.  I’m going to keep this one up indefinitely until I feel the transition has completely happened.  Also, there’s not much up there just yet, but I will be posting some stuff this afternoon after work. 

Later and God bless!

In Him,
Sarah ><>

5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Ha, I understand. God willing, it would be fun to meet someday, but not when either of us is stressed. Hope that whatever happened to you the other day is done and you are ok now…

  2. @GreekPhysique – I wish it were done and over with and that I could blog about it.  But I don’t think I should give it much more press than it’s already receiving.  I’ll let you know what’s going on though…crazy stuff…Hey, are you getting all your summer stuff done?!  Which is why you are not blogging anymore??  haha

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