Week of Oct 25th – Crimean Turkish of Turkey

This continues a series that will focus on an unreached people group.  These are the bottom 40 Least-engaged Peoples, meaning that there is no ministry known to be going on within the group.  According to the population number, every 50,000 people is assigned a potential missionary, so, you can see how many missionaries are needed for each peoples.  Here is the second group:

Crimean Turkish of Turkey

Population:  5,097,667

Religion:  Islam

Missionaries Needed:  101

Adopted?:  Yes.

Language:  Crimean Tatar
Bible?:  New Testament only

The Crimean Tatars are Turkic people who inhabited the Crimean peninsula, now a part of Ukraine, for over seven centuries. They established their own Khanate in the 1440s and remained an important power in Eastern Europe until 1783, when Crimea was annexed to Russia. During World War II, the entire Tatar population in Crimea fell victims to Stalin’s oppressive policies. In 1944 they were unjustly accused of being Nazi collaborators and deported en masse to Central Asia and other lands of the Soviet Union. Many died of disease and malnutrition. Although a 1967 Soviet decree removed the charges against Crimean Tatars, the Soviet government did nothing to facilitate their resettlement in Crimea and to make reparations for lost lives and confiscated property.


The Crimean Tatar have fled and settled in many countries as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Uzbekistan, Western Europe, the Middle East, and North America.  Living as those who are exiled from their homelands, they are strangers in a strange land, seeking to preserve their cultural identity and yet make a living and survive to pass on that heritage to their children.  Pray that someone would be raised up to reach these people among the Turkish.

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