Ask the Professor Trivia Questions

So, to go along with my newfound obsession with this radio show called Ask the Professor from University of Detroit Mercy, I decided I will submit my own trivia questions.  So, here goes my compilation! 🙂

Feel free to post your answers in a comment.  I’ll post the answers in an entry in a couple days.  Enjoy! 🙂


1.  What are the six most popular books by Jane Austen?

2.  What are the names of the heroines in each respective book?

3.  How old was Jane when she died?

4.  How many strings does a standard violin have and what notes do they make?

5.  On the violin, what is the “frog”?

6.  What are the complementary colors of red and yellow?

7.  The only two atomic bombs ever used during war in history fell one what two cities in Japan?

8.  What other cities were considered as targets and why were they not chosen?

9.  What time did the bomb drop in Hiroshima on the morning of August 6th, 1945?

10.  What popular TV show today uses these numbers as great significance during the program, repeating them several time throughout the series?

11. (These are for kicks)   In Japanese, what does “buta” mean? (boo-tah)

12.  What is a “fugu”?

13.  How quickly can a person die from eating fugu meat that has not been prepared properly?

14.  A popular Japanese expression, especially among younger people, is “KY”.  In America, this has an entirely different connotation than in Japan, however, much to my relief.  What does it mean in Japanese?

15.  How much taller is Tokyo Tower than the Eiffel Tower (which inspired its construction)?

2 thoughts on “Ask the Professor Trivia Questions

  1. Never read Jane Austin, sorry, can’t answer first 3 questions without first Googling.4) Standard Violin has 4 strings.5) Unsure6) Respectively, green and purple7) Respectively, Nagasaki & Hiroshima.  It was an awesome ABUSE of power, tho it did end the war.8) Tokyo… weather conditions.9) I remember that there is a famous clock stuck at the moment of impact, but I fail to remember the time.  I seem to recall 7:01 Am for some reason.10) Ummm Doctor Who?  Doraemon? Star Trek?  Am I even close? The show with the monkey and the dog? (hmmm, do I obtain bonus points if I can remember the monkey & dog’s names???)11) Butter?  Sorry, studying Chinese Right now and one more language would make my head explode.12) the freshly served meat of a poisonous fish which if prepared incorrectly is potentally deadly.13) well… you gave the answer to 12 in this one… shame on you… but the correct response would be seconds.  (I knew the answer to 12 before I got to 13)14) GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW, Young Lady, and that without any dinner!!!!15) Unsure, but I would love to know which is taller, Taipei 101 or the Tokyo tower you mentioned.

  2. @JulieMillerFan –  Well, here are the ones you got right! :)4. (although, do you know the notes they signify??)6.  7.  8.  Tokyo was not considered, but the reason the other cities were rejected WAS due to weather!11. wrong, but you’re studying Chinese?!  Cool!  Mandarin or Cantonese, or one of the 20 million (give or take a million) dialects?  I was in China 5 years ago.12.13. They’re meant to be read in order over the air, so it’s alright.14.  I promise you, it’s not bad!!!15.  I’m pretty sure Taipei Tower is bigger.

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