If you take away your race, religion, family, education and job – who are you?

That’s just the thing.  I don’t think that any true Christian would be able to separate themselves from their “religion.”  That’s the difference between a religion and Christianity…true, real, it seeps out of your pores and invades your every thought, kind of Christianity.  That’s because it’s not a religion at all…it’s a life, a full and complete life…and everything else is just an action, process, or a past-time.  Anyone who has the Holy Spirit in their hearts knows that they have been made a completely new creature, and you cannot separate that away from yourself again.  It’s permanent.  People may try (although, I really question whether they were genuinely saved in the first place if they try to leave) but once it’s there, it’s there…and you can’t change that.  For those of you who may read this just because it’s an answer to a Featured Question…you might not understand.  The world would like us to believe that we can shimmy ourselves down to just a human being with any prejudices or tendencies…but that’s ridiculous.  We might be able to step way from our race, from our family, from our education, and job…but religion…no, not just religion.  Some people might be able to separate themselves from their religion…but Christians…I urge you to examine what you call your faith, because if you could see yourself without it, there’s a problem.  Being a child of God makes you a citizen of a new kingdom, the kingdom of heaven, and nothing on earth really matters anymore.  It doesn’t matter what your family is like, your education, race, and job is…only your relationship with the Creator God through His precious Son…and sharing that with as many people as you can in your short, short life on erth.

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4 thoughts on “If you take away your race, religion, family, education and job – who are you?

  1. I think you’ve indirectly proven that Christianity does not necessarily make an individual’s life more fulfilled.  You can be a caring, loving, and giving person without being religious.  And likewise, you can be sad, bitter, and mean and be devout.  From what I read, your point is that if religion is innate; spirituality is naturally occurring.  In that light, I agree.  We are all born with some measure of desire to understand the world and ponder its mystery.  I disagree that there is only one view.  I believe that to look at anything through one lens is never enough.

  2. @Ejusk – it’s not spirituality.  It’s Christianity.  You cannot turn what I said into the fluff that all religion, all spirituality, so long as it is genuine, is correct.  That’s not at all what I meant.  You cannot use the “round tree” philosophy that all religions, all spiritual directions, point to the same God and heaven.  Because, in all reality, atheism is a religion as well.  And if you decide to say that all religions are correct, then you must accept the religion that says no religion is correct, as also being correct.  And then by default, you put yourself in a catch-22, because you have just disproved what you set out to prove.  You cannot have 2+2=4 and also equal 5 and 6.  There are some things that are true and some things that can never be true.  Everyone’s own heart attests to this, but in our pursuit to be lord over our own lives, we have chosen to choke it away, or silence it by throwing it into a closet in the furthest part of the basement of our lives.  We successfully kill the very thing that can lead us to true completion…that completion which is in Christ Jesus, the Son of God, Who came to bridge the vast chasm that separates us from God.  The God-man, Who chose to come to earth in order that we might have a relationship with Him.  No other “god” has ever done this.Also, yes, you can call yourself a Christian and be a sad, miserable person.  But, I do not believe that a person can have the Holy Spirit inside of them and not have the joy of Christ in them as well.  It’s called the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, and it’s how you can tell if a person is truly a Christian or not.  If they are missing that, then I question whether they are really saved or just relying on the laurels of their family history and heritage.  AAAAaand, I’m not saying that a person who is a Christian is happy all the time, because there’s an acute difference between joy and happiness.  Joy is looking at our circumstances beyond yourself and trying to see what the good might be that will come from it, and knowing that God has everything under control and is using everything to make us more like His Son.  Happiness is just a flighty emotion that can never truly be grasped, for once you realize you have it, you’ve lost it again, and it’s solely based on our circumstances.  Happiness is a very selfish emotion, while joy is an ability that is placed in us when the Holy Spirit resides within our hearts at salvation.@AuthenticallyJustMe – thanks 🙂

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