Long Time, No Blog!

I wouldn’t say that I’m apathetic…by any means.  I wouldn’t say that I’m fatalistic either.  Maybe, lackadaisical?  No, that still has too much of the “I don’t care” connotation in it.  I hesitate to use this term, but maybe apocalyptic would fit a bit better around the shoulders.

At most times, I am grateful to have been in another country during the election time.  Today, I will be as in tuned with the news over in America as I can be, while also getting my handful of hours of sleep.  I’m sitting right now, eating oreos and milk, and mending some pants and shirts, while repeatedly clicking the update button of CNN’s website.  Don’t ask me why CNN…I have no news preference…CNN, FOX, MSNBC, yatta yatta…it doesn’t make any difference to me.  For most of my news bites, I check out BBC News, so I guess I’m exempt from those labels.  BUUUUUuuut, back to the point.  Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

I have been hesitant to say who I actually voted for with this election.  I haven’t really felt like it mattered.  Neither candidate to me seems dynamic or powerful enough to really make a difference in the country or the world once elected.  They say really great things…one sounds a lot better than the other…one has great ideas, but tells them poorly.  I just don’t care for either one.  I will say that I don’t like one less than the other, so I was able to make a decision on my absentee ballot.  There are some key issues that I could not deny loyalty to…but, seriously, if either of these guys is elected, do you think it will make much of a difference?

If you are a student of Scripture at all, and especially if you have checked out Revelation, Daniel, and for the more studious of students, Ezekiel, then you will know that eventually, the world is going to be destroyed.  I think we’re bracing for it now.  I know, I know…every generation before mine has said, “Oh, our generation is the worst in history!  There is none so evil as ours.”  But, I think mine might take the cake…or maybe my parents’ or sisters’ generations.  Regardless, it’s not hard to see that the times we live in are evil.

Russia is flexing its muscles again, and to me, that’s a sure sign that they are gearing up to invade Israel…which is prophesied in Ezekiel.  Also, if Obama is elected President, there’s no real reason why he, of all people, should lead our country to continue a friendship and support with Israel.  Not to say that if McCain were elected he could really do something about the financial crisis in America, but would probably leave it in its more impotent state.  In my eyes, we’re damned.  America has never been seen in Scripture…the most that people can really find is in Ezekiel 38:13, where it talks about Tarshish (generally seen to be England or Europe) and her young lions (possibly the colonial countries of the UK, i.e. America, Australia, etc).  But even then, Tarshish and her young lions are just present enough to say to Russia, “Ohhhhh, you shouldn’t invade Israel!  What do you think you’re doing??  tsk, tsk, tsk.  That’s a bad boy, Russia!”  They don’t really stand behind her.  Israel has no friends at that time, except for God.

Now, you might not agree with me, but this is why I haven’t been as vocal about my views on the election, as I have in the past.  But, I do want to say…even with my “laid-back” feelings about this year’s election…I still voted!  And I think you should too!  If you have any ounce of understanding with what is going on, GET OUT THERE!  You only have a few hours to have a say in your world.  If you don’t, then you have no right to gripe about it later.  It’s a privilege that God has allowed to be set up in our nation, whether our nation turns for the better or the worse, it doesn’t matter.  We should take advantage of the right that God has given us, the opportunity to have a say in our government.  So, GO!  And stop reading Xanga/Revelife!!  (well, at least until after you vote)

(and after this little tidbit)  I’m really ashamed that there is fear of violence pending the decision of today’s election.  It makes me ashamed of America!  If the elections today are so emotionally spiked as to lead to violence, then our country is no better than any of the communist/militaristic nations in the world over whom we boast superiority.  Guard your actions and your reactions.  Move in safety and wisdom today.  People who are not governed by the Holy Spirit are apt to be volatile.  So, contain and control yourselves and live peaceably with others.  THAT, is a command of Jesus, not from me.

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