Where’s the Foundation?

The one thing that the entire world most definitely has in common, so far as history goes, is Genesis 1-11.  Think about it, Adam and Eve are our great-great-great-great-great-yatta-yatta-yatta-grandparents.  ALL of us.  Not just that, but the whole world’s population was wiped out in the flood, except for Noah and his family.  So we all are descendents from that family as well.  And all nations originated at Babel.  Once Babel happened, then our cultures took their own paths, but before that, we were all unified, practicing the same culture and everything.  The world was still relatively new, damaged, yes, but pretty new.

I’m going through Genesis in two of my classes for Bible Time.  I’m coming to realize how crucial Genesis 1-11 is in understanding the Gospel.  It’s amazing really.  The one part of the Bible that every person can find a common history is the one part that people have the hardest time believing.  Granted, people have a problem believing most of the Bible anyways, but the reason they reject the rest of the Bible stands on the basis of their rejection of Genesis 1-11. 

There are so many things that I can point a person to: history, science, sociology, etc…but it is a very difficult thing for them to accept.  In Japan, when children are in school, they are taught to learn by memory and recitation only.  There’s not much free thinking.  They learn facts and they take those facts and regurgitate them to pass tests and get through college and then get a job where most of it doesn’t matter.  Many young adults don’t have the skills to question their lives and actually learn to put their feet in front of the other based on their own thoughts.  Evolution is one thing that is just understood to be true in schools here.  They don’t question it.  Unless thay have a reason to.  I’m hoping that I can give them that reason.


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