What’s one memory from your college experience that you will always cherish?

Three of my girlfriends from school and I decided we would start a band/singing group.  We were amazing.  We called ourselves “Hearts on Fire”, or HoF, for short, even though it made us sound like a german rabbit.  We had killer harmonies.  We mostly revamped old hymns, or did popular praise and worship songs, but we wrote one song original.  It was great.  One member couldn’t make it, but my best friend was with us and together we all met up at the school, at almost the middle of the night, to write and practice this song.  What was amazing was that we were in the midst of a horrendous thunderstorm, with funnel clouds all over the region…the tornado sirens were going off, it was lightning-ing (heh) outside, the wind was howling.  But we were praising Jesus through it.  It was so much fun.

Another great memory with these gals was the time that we got together at my house to practice and then we didn’t want to go to our respective homes.  So, we grabbed some blankets and went into my backyard.  We put the blankets down and laid down watching the stars.  And we told funny stories and laughed really loud.  And then one girl was randomly throwing pennies in the air and trying to see who they would land on.  It was fun.  We played Hide N Go Seek too.  Hehe.  Great memories!!  Thanks for bringing these back to my mind!  Oh, and our band only lasted for a season…seriously, it started at the beginning of Spring and was over by the time we got into summer.   

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