SightSeeing Pleaserboat

Yeah, that title has nothing to do with anything, really.  I saw it on a board in Mojiko the other day…kind of makes you wonder what goes on such a boat…

ANYWAYS, so, I wrote an entry on my other blog and it was featured yesterday on the front page of Revelife.  You can check it out here:

Pretty fun.  I finished Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love.”  You should buy it and read it as well.  NOW!  What are you still reading this blog for…go and read it now, I tell ya!

Being over in Japan, I spend a lot more time making sure that I’m spiritually fed than I do back home.  I think because, when I’m home, I go to church three times a week…it’s nice.  Here, though, church is kind of thin, not to mention that the sermon is translated.  I’m not saying the pastors here aren’t good…they are…but something gets lost when a sermon has to be translated, and sometimes that thing is my attention span.  So, I listen to both my own pastor: and Francis Chan:  It’s really great.  Right now, they are both preaching on the End Times.  My pastor, Tim White, is doing more of the historical (can you call it historical if it’s in the future?)/chronological aspect of it, while Francis is addressing the personal characteristics of those living during that time (2 Timothy 3:1-9).  When I first heard both my pastor and Francis mention they’d do their next series on the End Times, I literally groaned out loud.  But I am really enjoying the holistic approach and investigation of the age.

Now I’m reading J.I. Packer’s “Knowing God”.  I’ve heard a lot about the book, and seen it in many a church/pastor’s office, but never had a chance (or energy) to read it.  Now that I have a good 20 minutes on a train at least 4 times a week, I am reading a lot.  Today I read through the forward and I think that this is going to be the best book for me to follow-up Crazy Love with.

BTW, I don’t understand how people can get a book and not read the forward/preface.  Those are such important parts of a book!  It’s like washing an apple before you begin cutting it.  You just have to do it to get yourself ready for what you’re going to eat.  I mean, you can NOT do it, but then you risk getting a dirty mouth…c’mon…do you really want a dirty mouth?  Just read the preface/forward already.

After several months of thinking that all Japanese dogs don’t like me, today, I met three dogs who thought the world of me and let me pet them for a long time.  🙂  It made me happy.  What also made me happy was receiving a box in the mail, filled with two boxes of goodies and snacks from the US thanks to mia madre.  That was great.  Thanks mia madre!  Also, what made me happy was being able to convince the ladies in my evening class that David Bowie could never be considered a “Has Been”, but the Cyndi Lauper definitely fit such a category.  I also found out that one of Bowie’s first outfits was designed by a Japanese man. Mehehehe.  Life is good.

What are you still doing reading this?  Go buy Crazy Love already!  You can go here:

One thought on “SightSeeing Pleaserboat

  1. I usually don’t read the forwards. That’s probably just another example of why we’re perfect for each other!I’ve been hearing a lot of awesome things about Knowing God lately…Love you!!!

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